Title Page

  • Store Name & Store Number

  • Location

  • Work Order No:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Inspection Details: PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE REQUIRED AS PROOF OF INSPECTION. You must take before & after pictures of components replaced/rectified etc.

Liquid Receivers

  • Does site have receivers?

  • How Many Receivers are on Site?

  • Liquid receiver details

  • Receiver
  • Manufacturer:

  • Receiver Model /Serial Number(Picture)

  • Receiver Model /Serial Number(Input text)

  • Type of Receiver:

  • Location of Receiver:

  • Physical Condition:

  • General Comment on Receivers


  • How many Pressure Relief Valves are on Site?

  • How many Pressure Relief Valve require replacement as per report provided Woolworths?

  • Pressure Relief Valve details

  • Valve
  • Pressure Valve No :1

  • Do you have Replacement valve ?

  • Have you replaced valve?

  • General Comment:

  • Design Pressure Rating? PA or PSI

  • Pressure Relief Gauge fitted?

  • Add media

  • Is the Pressure Relief Gauge at Zero:

  • Has Burst Disc Failed?

  • Supporting Picture

  • Has Valve Seal Broken?

  • Supporting Picture

  • Vented to Atmosphere: Yes / No *If No, What is required to establish Vent: H.D Pipe / Fittings Size / Requirements:

  • Does PRV vent to Atmosphere?

  • What is required (Scope of work) to vent outside?


  • Note: HVAC MSSB should contain supply C/B for Heater Banks - Amps to be measured at supply

  • Does site have electric duct heaters?

  • How Many Duct heaters are on-site?


  • Electric Duct Heater Bank No1: Operational

  • Power Supply to Electric Duct Heater Bank No1

  • Running Amps?

  • Electric Duct Heater Bank No1- Location:

  • Are Heaters Accessible: Yes / No *If No, what is required to access - comment + photos + dimensions:

  • Any Loose Connections? or discolored or sign of deterioration on connections

  • Evidence via Picture

  • Does heater Require Replacement?

  • Details on replacement

  • Thermal Coating Compromised

  • General Comments if any?


  • What type of equipment is on site which serves the trading floor?

  • Plant Type?

  • Type of refrigerant ?

  • General Condition (Visual inspection)

  • Pictures of the component

  • DX Plant Compressors:
  • Compressor Location?

  • Make:

  • Model:

  • Pictures of Compressors


  • How Many Condensers are on site?

  • What is the condition of Condensers?

  • Pictures of the Condensers.

  • General Comment

HVAC Controller

  • What Type of HVAC controller is on-site?

  • Picture of MSSB & Controller

  • General Comment:


  • Have you completed Maintenance Authority form?

  • Picture of MA

  • Have you cleaned up your work area which includes removal of all rubbish?

  • Name & Sign off

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