Are waste cage keys locked down or held by a manager?

Do the cleaners process their waste correctly, is there evidence of this happening?

RP125- is there evidence of items being wasted after they have been processed on the system?

Is there a clearly designated sign posted waste area?

Does the fresh waste area contain no more waste than what is reasonable for today?

Is there a clearly labelled waste folder by department with a minimum of 4 weeks of waste prints?

Use the waste report to check department waste, does it show consistent waste processes?

Is high value counters meat secured in the back chiller with a lock?

Where any unused pre-printed RTC labels found?

ISB- is the in store bakery using pink waste bags for waste?

ISB- is there any out of date ingredients in the bakery or back room?

ISB- is the yeast rotated, stacked with the longest code at the bottom, in date and put away correctly?

ABP- animal by product cage secure with a lid and locked?

ABP- animal by product cage is being returned on a regular basis (No more than 3/4 full)

Produce- speak to a colleague and ask them to describe the correct process for reducing waste

Produce- speak to a colleague and ask them to describe how to record loose produce waste correctly

Produce- is there evidence on waste sheet of loose produce is being wasted? (Waste sheet should have final label attached)

Checkout- is there a robust process for fresh put backs kn place at front end?

Department Managers- check PLU list on self scan, are they up to date on a weekly basis?

Review 10 lines from a fresh waste cage that have already been checked, has all sample items been wasted, check SBO

DOT.clmm- does the DOTcomm team process the fresh guaranteed correctly and evidence to support?

Food Connection- has store completed and submitted all post donations daily?

Food Connection- Review colleague shop fridge, there should be no out of process products still available in the colleague shop

Food Connection- review colleague shop via PDA, any products should either be submitted or re processed

Food Connection- review back areas, no evidence of products kept by for reducing or placing in colleague shop later?


PFS- check PFS transfer, do they match the transfer report and have each report evidence of being checked and signed by a manager (check screen 1-5-1)

PFS- check PFS Costa Machine transfers, is there a minimum of 1 unit transferred each day (check screen 1-5-1)

PFS-is milk being transferred from the PFS to the Costa cost centre number (09952/09953) (check screen 1-5-1)

Check transfer to the 52214 (free issue) is the quantity right to how much the store is using

Is sampling of bread being transferred daily (52514) (check screen 1-5-1)

Is Free Fruit being transferred daily (53491) for the customer stand and for the colleague rest bite area? (Check screen 1-5-1)