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Tank Containment

  • Is the containment structure in satisfactory condition?

  • Are drainage pipes/valves fit for continued service?

Tank Foundation and Supports

  • Is there evidence of tank settlement or foundation washout?

  • Is there cracking or spalling of the concrete pad or ring wall?

  • Are the tank supports in satisfactory condition?

  • Is water able to drain away from the top of the tank?

  • Is the grounding strap secured and in good condition?

Tank External Coating

  • Is there evidence of paint failure?

Tank Shell / Heads

  • Are there noticeable distortions in the tank shell/head, buckling, denting, or bulging?

  • Is there evidence of shell/head corrosion or cracking?

Tank Manways, Piping, and Equipment with Secondary Containment

  • Are flanged connection bolts tight and fully engaged with no signs of wear or corrosion?

Tank Roof

  • Is there standing water on the tank roof?

  • Is there evidence of coating cracking, crazing, peeling, or blistering?

  • Are there holes in the roof?


  • Are vents free of obstructions?

  • Is the emergency vent operable and lift as required?

Insulated Tanks

  • Is any insulation missing?

  • Are there noticeable areas of moisture on the insulation?

  • Is there mold on the insulation?

  • Is the insulation exhibiting any signs of damage?

  • Is the insulation sufficiently protected from water intrusion?

Level and Overfill Prevention

  • Has the tank liquid level sensing device (fuel gauge) been tested to ensure proper operation?

  • Does the tank liquid level sensing device (fuel gauge) operate as required? Check by comparison to stick readings.

  • Are overfill prevention devices in proper working condition?

  • Does the interstitial monitor operate properly and are there no weathering cracks (if plastic)?

Electrical Equipment

  • Are tank grounding lines in good condition?

  • Is electrical wiring for control boxes/lights in good condition?

Fuel / Product Quality

  • Does the fuel have an off odor or is the fuel filter plugging? If so, this may be an indication of bacterial contamination and may require an additive. If a chemical is stored, is there any sign of degradation?

  • Any deficiencies noted during the inspection must be corrected as soon as possible. If there are any questions, call the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 814-865-6391. Comments/Clarifications and Corrections:

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