• Does the work area have a clean and orderly appearance?

  • Is the shop/ work area free from trip/slip hazards?

  • Please rate the overall housekeeping and appearance of the work area. 0 - 4 needs major improvements, 5-7 average cleanliness and order, 8-10 above average, exceeding expectations

Chemical Safety

  • Are all chemical containers and cylinders clearly labeled as to their contents?

  • Are containers in good condition?

  • Are incompatible materials properly segregated?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is appropriate PPE available and used where required?

  • Eye Protection?

  • Hand Protection?

  • Hearing Protection?

  • Foot Protection?

  • Respiratory Protection?

  • Are showers/eye wash stations labeled, accessible, and routinely inspected?

Fire Protection

  • Are exits clearly identified and accessible?

  • Are fire extinguishers available and clearly accessible?

  • Are fire extinguishers mounted to the wall?

  • Have all fire extinguishers been serviced within the past 12 months?

  • Are emergency pull stations visible and clearly accessible?

  • Do sprinkler heads have at least 18 inches of vertical clearance?

  • Are oily rags and combustible wastes kept in closed metal containers?

  • Are flammable liquids properly stored in approved containers/cabinets?

Electrical Safety

  • Is the area free from exposed wiring/frayed cords?

  • Is at least three feet of clear space provided in front of all electrical panels?

  • Are all knockouts on panels and junction boxes covered or replaced?

  • Are electrical junction boxes, switches and panels equipped with proper covers?

  • Are all extension cords equipped with a grounding conductor? And properly rated?

  • Are portable tools either grounded or double insulated?

  • Any additional electrical hazards not specifically addressed?


  • Is equipment free from any exposed moving parts/pinch points?

  • Is machine guarding in good condition and working properly?

  • Are emergency stop mechanisms identified and working properly?

  • Are all equipment controls clearly labeled?

  • Are all warning stickers legible?

  • Is equipment adequately secured against "walking" or moving while in operation?

  • Are bench/pedestal grinders adequately controlled to protect area personnel? (Work rest must be adjusted to within 1/8" of grinding wheel)

  • Is the adjustable tongue on the grinder kept adjusted within 1/4 inches of the wheel?

  • Is the compressed air pressure adequately controlled to protect area personnel? (Pressure at tip of air guns must be limited to < 30 psi if dead-ended.)

  • Is all equipment capable of being locked out during servicing?

  • Are all hand tools in good condition? (i.e. no broken/cracked handles or parts?)

Material Storage and Handling

  • Is all material stacked in a stable manner?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders properly secured?

  • Are protective caps placed on all cylinders that are not in use?

  • Are mechanical devices available for use with heavy loads (>50 pounds)?

  • Are load ratings clearly marked on all hoisting equipment?

Occupational Health

  • Does ventilation have adequate flow (no excessive fumes/dust accumulation)?

  • Are exhaust ducts in good condition?

  • Is local ventilation used where required?

  • Are noise levels not excessive?

  • Is lighting adequate?

  • Are there any repetitive motion concerns or awkward work postures?

  • Are first aid supplies kept in accordance with PSU Policy SY21?

Hazardous Waste

  • Are waste materials placed in the proper receptacles?

  • Is waste removed on a routine basis?

  • Are waste containers properly labeled?


  • Are there any additional hazards not covered by the categories listed?


  • Note any comments related to specific hazards uncovered during the inspection

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