Confined Space

  • Is this a Confined Space?

  • Is the permit completed correctly?

  • Was gas monitor calibrated by a qualified individual?

  • Are employees knowledgeable about Confined Space Entry procedures?

  • Is the OPP Confined Space Program being followed?

Designated Work Space

  • Is the area clearly defined and identified as a work space?

  • Is the area clear of debris and any unnecessary materials?

  • If areas are restricted, are correct procedures being followed to restrict access?

Electrical Safety

  • Are extension cords present?

  • Are extension cords being used in lieu of permanent equipment?

  • Are extension cords being run under carpet or through doorways?

  • Are GFCI's used with extension cords where required?

  • Are extension cords daisy chained together?

  • Are powerstrips UL rated?

  • Are power cords in good condition and free from splices?

  • Are grounding prongs being removed from extension cords?

  • Are outlet, switch, and junction box covers in place and in good repair?

  • Are circuit breaker panels and emergency shut-offs unobstructed and labeled?

  • Are electrical outlets overloaded with appliances, etc?

  • Are energized part, circuits, and equipment guarded against accidental contact?

  • Are ground fault interruptors installed, labeled, and operating correctly?

Fixed and Portable Ladders

  • Are there fixed ladders over 4ft in height?

  • Are self closing swing gates installed?

  • Are rungs slip resistant?

  • Are rungs at least 7" away from the wall or other obstruction?

  • Are guardrails provided at least 6ft on either side of the landing?

  • Are there any ladders over 24ft in height?

  • Are they equipped with ladder climbing device?

  • Are the rungs slip resistant?

  • Are guardrails provided at least 6ft on each side of ladder opening?

  • Are portable ladders in use?

  • Are employees inspecting ladders prior to use?

  • Are ladders in good condition? (spreader bar works properly, no damaged or missing rungs)

  • Do portable ladders have anti-slip feet?

Elevated Work Surfaces - Motorized

  • Are there powered industrial trucks or aerial lifts in use?

  • Are operators licensed in the safe operation of powered industrial trucks and lifts?

  • Has equipment been inspected?

  • What was the previous inspection date?

  • Is equipment in good working order?

  • Is personal fall arrest system being used for all aerial lifts?

Elevated Work Surfaces - Scaffolding

  • Are scaffold platforms or other elevated work surfaces present?

  • Is scaffolding in good condition?

  • Has scaffolding been erected properly?

  • Are rails or personal fall arrest system in place?

  • Are pics approved for such use?

  • Has area been properly secured and barricaded around scaffolding?

Walking and Working Surfaces

  • Are floor openings properly guarded (railing, toe boards) or covered?

  • Are skylights guarded?

  • Are wall openings (including chutes and chases) properly guarded?

  • Are catwalks equipped with railings and toeboards?

  • Are deck boards and grating on catwalks or elevated surfaces properly secured?

  • Are floor drains, holes and other floor openings protected to prevent a tripping hazard?

Hazardous Materials

  • Have all hazardous materials been identified?

  • All hazardous materials have been abated or controlled?

  • Are secondary containment skids being used?

Lock Out and Tag Out

  • Is lock out and tag out required?

  • Do employees understand the Lock out and Tag out program and it's requirements?

  • Have authorized employees completed the required training?

  • Have authorized employees been evaluated (appendix d) at least once in the past year for compliance with the program?

  • Are proper devices being locked and tagged?

  • Are only the approved lock out and tag out (LOTO) locks being used?

Material Handling and Storage

  • Does work area include materials storage space?

  • Is there safe clearance for equipment through aisles and doorways?

  • Are containers stored, stacked, secured, and of limited height for stability?

  • Are properly rated dock boards used while loading and unloading trailers?

  • Are trucks and trailers secured from movement during loading and unloading?

  • Are shelving and mezzanines properly rated and marked for loads?

  • Are manual palled jacks, hand-trucks, and dollies in good condition?

  • Are forklifts and motorized pallet jacks inspected each shift or prior to use?

  • Are forklift and motorized pallet jack operators licensed?

  • Are proper lifting techniques being used while lifting or moving loads?

Mechanical Room Safety

  • Is the work area being audited within a mechanical room?

  • Are mechanical rooms properly illuminated?

  • Are noise levels within acceptable limits or marked as Hearing Protection Required?

  • Are hearing protective devices readily available in mechanical rooms?

  • Are work areas clean, organized, and kept orderly? (Garbage disposed of properly, etc)

  • Is work area properly ventilated for type of equipment or chemicals in use?

  • Are vacuum systems used when possible instead of blowing or sweeping dusts?

  • Do temperature and humidity seem to be within acceptable ranges?

  • Is the area free of visible fungi/mold growth and associated odors?

  • Are walls, ceilings, floors free of signs of mold or moisture damage?

  • Are air intake areas free of odor-causing materials or hazardous chemicals?

  • Is area free from slip, trip, and fall hazards?

  • Are identified tripping hazards clearly marked?

  • Are low clearance areas clearly marked?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • The following PPE is required and is being used properly:

  • The following PPE is required and was not in use or being used properly:

  • Is PPE being properly stored, kept clean, and in good condition?

Shop Tools

  • Are power tools in use?

  • Do employees understand safe operation of the power tools they are using?

  • Are tools in good working condition?

  • Are power tools grounded or double insulated?

  • Are rotating or moving parts (chains, gears, belts, etc) properly guarded?

  • Are machine guards secure and do not present a hazard in their use?

  • Is fixed machinery guarded to prevent splash, spark, and flying chip injuries?

  • Is equipment and machinery securely in place and anchored to prevent movement?

  • Are guards and safety interlocks in working condition on the equipment in which it is installed?

  • Is equipment and machinery kept clean and properly maintained?

  • Is there sufficient clearance around machines for safe operation and services?

  • Are power shut-off switches within reach of operators position at each machine?

  • Do machine users understand the safe operation of the machine that they are using?

  • Are manually operated control switches and valves clearly identified and accessible?

  • Are emergency stop buttons available, operable, and colored red?

Trenching and Shoring

  • Is there any trenching or excavations in the work area?

  • Are employees following Trenching and Shoring Guidelines?

  • Has "PA One Call" been notified and is the "one call" up to date for the particular dig?

  • Has a "competent" person been identified for this job?

Tunnel Work Areas

  • Does the work area involve tunnel access?

  • Are employees following OPP Tunnel Entry Procedures?

  • Are employees following OPP Restricted Entry Guidelines?

Notes/Comments/Actions Required or Taken

  • Is corrective action required?

  • Have deficiencies been properly reported?

  • Please note corrective actions:

  • REMINDER - Place a work order to correct issues identified in this audit.

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