Confined Space

  • Is work in a Confined Space?

  • 1. Do employees understand the OPP policy?

  • 2. Is permit completed correctly?

  • 3. Is gas monitor properly calibrated?

  • 4. Have employees been properly trained?

  • 5. Is there an attendant at the egress point?

  • 6. Is retrieval gear and safety harness being used?

  • 7. Has the tripod and retrieval gear inspected? Safe?

Designated Work Space

  • 1. Is work area clearly defined and marked?

  • 2. Are barricades installed properly?

  • 3. Are fire extinguishers in place and on site?

  • 4. Are pedestrian control measures in place?

  • 5. Are vehicular control measures in place?

  • 6. Is work site clear of debris?

General Electrical Safety

  • 1. Are OPP Electrical Safety procedures being followed?

  • 2. Are GFI receptacles being used for power tools?

  • 3. Are power cords and tools in safe working condition?

  • 4. Are grounding prongs present on plugs?

  • 5. Are extension cords creating tripping hazard?

Elevated Work Surface

  • Is work being performed from an elevated work surface?

  • 1. Are operators trained and certified?

  • 2. Has motorized equipment been inspected?

  • 3. Are scaffolds in good condition?

  • 4. Are scaffolds erected properly?

  • 5. Are fall arrest systems in place and being used?

  • 6. Is area around scaffolding barricaded?

High Voltage Electrical

  • Is there High Voltage Electrical work being performed?

  • 1.Is OPP Electrical Safety policy being followed?

  • 2. Safety person CPR and AED trained?

  • 3. Appropriate PPE in use?

  • 4. Safety grounding procedures being followed?

  • 5. Radio communications available?

  • 6. Possible backfeeds addressed?

  • 7. Appropriate clearances maintained?

  • 8. Appropriate switching sequences in use?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • 1. Is appropriate head protection in use?

  • 2. Is appropriate eye protection in use?

  • 3. Is appropriate hearing protection in use?

  • 4. Is appropriate hand protection in use?

  • 5. Is appropriate foot protection in use?

  • 6. Is appropriate protective clothing in use?

  • 7. Is appropriate respirator in use?

  • 8. Is there PPE available for site visitors?

  • 9. Is PPE protection available?

Hazardous Conditions and Materials

  • Are there hazardous conditions and materials on site?

  • 1. Have hazardous conditions or material been identified?

  • 2. Are hazardous conditions controlled?

  • 3. Has hazardous materials been sampled by EHS?

  • 4. Have hazardous materials been controlled?

Lock Out and Tag Out

  • 1. Is the OPP Lock Out and Tag Out policy being followed?

  • 2. Proper devices being locked and tagged?

  • 3. Are devices available and in good condition?

Equipment and Tools

  • 1.Are employees properly trained in safe use of?

  • 2. Are tools and equipment in good condition?

  • 3. Are controls clearly identified and accessible?

  • 4. Are appropriate machine guards in place?

Mechanical Room

  • Is work being performed in a Mechanical Room?

  • 1. Are areas properly illuminated?

  • 2. Are work areas properly ventilated?

  • 3. Are tripping hazards eliminated or marked?

  • 4. Are work areas kept in orderly fashion?

Material Handling and Storage

  • Does work involve material handling and storage?

  • 1. Operators properly trained?

  • 2. Are rigging and lifting trainings up to date?

  • 3. Proper lifting and rigging equipment being used?

  • 4. Motorized equipment inspected prior to use?

  • 5. Containers stored appropriately?


  • 1. Are ladders in safe working condition?

  • 2. Are ladders properly stored?

  • 3. Are safety feet in place on portable ladders?

Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions

  • Are there corrective action or follow up actions required as a result of this audit?

  • Please list corrective actions completed or to be completed here.

  • Estimated date of completion for corrective actions.

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