• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Proprietor

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Premises details

  • Inspection time & date

  • Name of Business

  • Name of proprietor or staff member in attendance

  • Name of Authorised Officer conducting assessment

  • Reason for assessment


  • Procedures

  • Other

General Information

  • Are floors, walls, ceiling, fitting and equipment durable and suitable for cleaning & constructed of sealed non-pours material?

  • Is the lighting and ventilation adequate?

  • Is there a designated hand wash basin supplied with warm water through a single outlet.

  • Soap and paper towel provided hands near hand wash basin

  • Appropriate hand washing technique?

  • Is a cleaning sink provided?

  • Are toilets provided clean and in a good state of repair?

  • Is staff dress & hygiene satisfactory?

  • Do staff have cuts, abrasions and burns covered?

  • Storage of linen adequate?

  • Is dirty linen washed in hot water?

  • Is an approved sharps container on site?

  • Is biological waste disposed of using EPA approved transport company?

Hair Dressing

  • Are clean & soiled linen stored in designated areas?

  • Are combs, brushes, scissors & clippers washed with warm water & detergent, rinsed in hot water & allowed to dry?

  • Is equipment sterilised correctly?

  • Is all cleaned equipment stored in a sanitary condition?

  • Separate sink for the cleaning of equipment

  • Records being maintained?

  • Clean and soiled linen stored in separate receptacles

Ear/Body Piercing

  • Are records of clients names, contact details, date & description of procedure & jewellery?

  • Are clients being provided with information regarding skin penetration & the transmission of disease in accordance with the Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008?

  • Is jewellery stored in a sterile condition?

  • Is the ear-piercing gun stored in a sanitary condition?

  • Is cleaning & sanitising the ear-piercing gun satisfactory between clients?

  • Skin prepared with suitable antiseptic and allowed to air dry prior to treatment

  • Single use disposal able items disposed immediately after use

  • Any article used to penetrate the skin is cleaned and sterilised before being used again, or is disposed of appropriately immediately after its use

  • Is an autoclave in use?

  • Is chemical disinfection or sterilisation monitoring record used?

  • Do staff have a thorough knowledge of the sterilisation process?

  • Is an incident record on site?

Beauty Treatment

  • Is there adequate supply of single use disposable gloves?

  • Are single use applicators disposed of after each dip into the wax pot?

  • Wax disposed immediately after use

  • Wax remaining in roll on wax canister disposed of before next client

  • Wax applicators dipped once and disposed of

  • Is there a wax temperature, chemical disinfection, or sterilisation record?

  • Is wax heated to 70-80C for 15 minutes between clients if single wax pots or single use applicators are not used?

  • Are re-usable instruments cleaned & sanitised after each client?

  • All articles, including cuticle nippers/cutters, used to penetrate the skin are sterile

  • Is a steriliser required?

  • Records for each sterilisation cycle (date, time held at max pressure and temperature, any faults with cycle, operator and number of items processed)

  • Is there evidence that indicators are being used to check the steriliser?

  • Is an incident record on site?

  • Foot spas are correctly cleaned and disinfected after each client

  • Foot spas components are removed and scrubbed daily

  • Foot spas cleaned and disinfected daily

  • Foot spas soaked overnight once a week

  • Adequate toilet facilities for colonic lavage

Inspection result

  • Inspection Result

  • Further Action?

  • Date of reinspection

  • Additional Information

  • • Satisfactory - All aspects of the premises comply with relevant legislative requirements.

  • • Unsatisfactory - one or more relevant legislative requirements have not been met and have resulted in unsatisfactory workplace practices. A re-inspection will be required and legal action may be considered should the matter not be citified prior to the reinspection.


  • Proprietor/staff: I have had the contents of this inspection report explained to me and understand the contents

  • Environmental Health Officer

General information

  • • The Department of Health, Victoria, provides guidelines to help businesses to comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2008 by providing information on infection control. Council advises all premises to comply with the relevant documents for best practice purposes.

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