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Workplace Transport Audit - Employee Behaviours

Employee Behaviours

  • Is there evidence of employees and third parties wearing appropriate personal protective equipment?

  • Have fork lift truck drivers been provided with adequate up to date training?

  • Have delivery vehicle drivers been trained on vehicle reversing techniques for the vehicles they are required to use?

  • Have delivery drivers been trained on safe loading techniques?

  • Are checks made to ensure that delivery vehicles carrying goods are safely loaded and not overloaded?

  • Have employees who accept deliveries been trained on precautions in respect of unstable loads?

  • Have pedestrians and fork lift truck drivers working in buildings been provided with instructions on always keeping two metres separation between a truck and a pedestrian?

  • Is there evidence that non essential employees are kept out of vehicle yard areas?

  • Do drivers and third party drivers apply both the tractor unit and trailer parking brakes before coupling or uncoupling a trailer?

  • Are employees following a safe system of work that prevents falls from the flat bed or container of a trailer?

  • Is there a risk assessment that covers work at height in respect of vehicle sheeting, loading and unloading?

  • Do drivers have the relevant licences / certificates for the vehicles they are using?

  • Have both pedestrians and drivers been provided with training on the measures on site to prevent workplace transport accidents on a signed receipt basis?

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