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WC Audit

Human Resources

  • Is there a policy on reporting accidents?

  • Is there a policy that describes the Return to Work policy?

  • Obtain copy of policy

  • Is there a dedicated staff member that manages the employee claims?

  • If yes, obtain NAME

  • Is the TPA (Gallagher Bassett) contacted for assistance?

  • Is the Accident Report completed by the injured employee?

  • Is accident trending performed?

  • Who is the trending shared with?

  • Is there a procedure required to investigate and/or follow up for causes of accidents?

  • Are the physical characteristics of the job included in the job description?

  • Is the employee health nurse involved in the accident PREVENTION program?

  • Is the Infection Control nurse involved in the accident prevention program?

  • Is there a annual education program provided to new employees that addresses safety AND accident prevention?

  • Is there an annual education program provided to existing employees based on TRENDS?

  • Are there methods to communicate safety issues to the staff?

  • Is there a budget for safety equipment or devices?

  • Is there patient transfer equipment available?

Safety Program - Loss Prevention

Chief Nursing Officer

  • Are Unit Directors or Supervisors held accountable at their annual performance evaluation for the frequency of accidents or safety record?

  • Is accident Prevention a part of annual education programs for the department/units?

  • What type of patient transfer equipment is available?

  • What type of patient transfer equipment is available?

  • Are employees with repeat accidents monitored?

Facility Assessment

Chief Executive Officer

  • How would you rate the morale of the hospital staff?

  • Select from range

Safety Culture

Morale of Facility

  • Select from range

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