Audit Process- Welding (Supply Chain).

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FPC Manual and documentation control

  • Are procedures available and implemented for controlling standards and specifications?

  • Is the FPC Manual and applicable supporting documents available and understood within the organisation?

  • Are obsolete copies of controlled documents marked 'Obsolete' or removed from points of use?

  • Are forms and instructions adequately controlled?

  • Has the company documented and communicated a Quality Policy statement (iso9001 5.3)?

  • Has the company documented and communicated its Quality Objectives (iso9001 5.4.1)

  • Is there evidence that the Quality Objectives are being measured for continual improvement (9001 only) ?

  • Has the company defined it's criteria for measuring customer satisfaction (9001 only)?

  • Is there a Procedure that defines the retention of records (required by En1090) are maintained for 10 years?

  • Any other comments?

Structural Design

  • Does the company provide design services or are products made to customer drawings?

  • Does the company take the responsibility for design (structural calculations)?

  • If the company provides design services do they have a qualified Structural Engineer?

  • Are structural designs in accordance with EN1090 part 2 and EN1990 (basis for structural design)?

  • Any other comments?

Contract review (Technical Review)

  • Does the company have a formal system for reviewing incoming orders?

  • Is there a Technical Review of incoming structural orders conducted by a competent person (see ISO 3834 section 5)?

  • Does the company understand how to establish the Execution Class (Ex1, Ex2, Ex3 or Ex4) and is it recorded?

  • Are records of Technical Review maintained (re QTP checklist)?

  • Is there an effective production planning process?

  • Any other comments?

Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC)

  • Does the company have a nominated RWC?

  • Has the RWC obtained a satisfactory level of competency?

  • Is there evidence that the RWC is competent?

  • Does the RWC have an NDT qualification?

  • Does the RWC write MWPS where required?

  • Any other comments?

Welder Qualifications

  • Does the Company have a Qualified Welding Engineer (or subcontractor)?

  • Does the Company have Certified Welders ( BS/EN 287)?

  • Do welding personnel have job knowledge training?

  • Have welding personnel been trained in the safe use of oxy /gas?

  • Are records or continual welder competency maintained ( six month prolongation)?

  • Any other comments?

Does the company have copies of controlled reference standards?

  • EN1090 parts 1 & 2 - Execution of steel structures?

  • ISO3834 parts 2 and 3 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials?

  • ISO14731 - Welding Coordination?

  • ISO5817 : 2014 - Fusion welded joints - quality levels for imperfections?

  • BS/EN 287-1 Qualification test of welders?

  • Any other comments?

What weld inspection methods does the company conduct?

  • Are in process weld inspections conducted as defined in 1090 Part2 section

  • Do customer specifications require NDT inspections at defined intervals?

  • Are records of NDT inspection available to satisfy 1090 or customer specific requirements?

  • Are NDT Personnel adequately qualified .i.e: Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)?

  • Any other comments?

Purchasing and materials control

  • Are purchase orders raised of components (Nuts, washers, Bolts, metal sections etc) ?

  • Do purchase orders for materials and components specify the applicable BS/EN/ISO specification?

  • Do purchase orders for Paint and Galvanising state the applicable specification?

  • Are controls in place to verify the quality of products and materials on receipt?

  • Are material and Galvanising certifications etc, checked and filed in a systematic manner?

  • Are materials and components identified and traceable to the applicable certification?

  • Are structural bolts identified and traceable to certification?

  • Is a formal system operated to control and return rejected materials?

  • Are records of supplier evaluation maintained?

  • Do supplier approval records include structural engineers, testing, plating and painting etc?

  • Any other comments?

Factory Production Control (FPC) documentation

  • Does the Organisation have a Factory Production Control (FPC) Manual?

  • Does the company use a Route Card or Shop Traveller?

  • Are weldments traceable to the applicable Qualified Welder?

  • Are welds obstructed by subsequent operations inspected prior to being covered up (e.g. witness/ inspection hold points on the works traveller)?

  • Are written welding procedures posted in close proximity to and used by the Welders

  • Are visual aids used to help standardise weld inspection?

  • Is En5817 used as a reference for imperfection standards?

  • Do employees understand and have access to welding symbols?

  • Are records of in process inspection and test recorded?

  • Is there a formal review non-conforming welds and are they recorded?

  • Is traceability maintained where appropriate?

  • Any other comments?

Welding Consumable Controls?

  • Is the Filler wire and Flux stored in a secure, clean and dry environment?,

  • Are welding filler metal traceable to a Certified Mill Test Report (CMTR)?

  • Is the welding filler wire sent to an independent UKAS Lab for Testing and verification prior to being employed?

  • Is the storage of welding consumables being controlled in accordance with good welding practice?.

  • Any other comments?

Equipment controls?

  • Are welding units subject to periodic calibration?

  • Is there a system for periodic maintainable of welding equipment?

  • Are measuring devices calibrated?

  • Does equipment control include welding gauges?

  • Does the company have a list of equipment and it's capacity, as required by ISO3834?

  • Are records of calibration and maintenance retained?

  • Any other comments?

Internal auditing (iso9001 only)

  • Does the company have a documented Internal Audit Schedule?

  • Are records of Internal Audits maintained?

  • Do Internal Audits contain adequate objective evidence?

  • Is there evidence that audit non conformances are followed up in a timely manner?

  • Any other comments?

Management review (iso9001 only)

  • Do top management hold management reviews at defined intervals?

  • Does the agenda of the Management Review satisfy ISO9001 section 5.6?

  • Are actions resulting from the management reviews implemented in an effective and timely manner?

  • Any other comments?

Control of non conforming product

  • Is a documented Non Conforming Product Procedure available?

  • Are non conforming products adequately identified and reviewed?

  • Is there evidence that non conforming products are re inspected after rework?

  • Are rework procedure available at appropriate points of use?

  • Any other comments?

Corrective Action

  • Does a Corrective Action Procedure exist?

  • Are records of corrective action maintained?

  • Are 'root causes' of non conformances identified and recorded?

  • Are corrective actions taken in a timely manner?

  • Is there evidence that corrective actions are verified before being signed off?

  • Any other comments

Preventive action (iso9001 only)

  • Does a Preventive Action Procedure exist?

  • What methods are used to identify potential non conformances (FMEA etc)?

  • Are records of preventive action maintained?

  • Are preventive actions taken in a timely manner?

  • Is there evidence that preventive actions are verified before being signed off?

  • Any other comments?

Audit summary and conclusion

  • Conclusion and summary

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