General Appearance

1. Jambs - Switches

2. Pushplates - Kickplates

3. Marks on Doors/Walls

4. Front of Desks

5. Desktops and Phones


6. Entrance Glass

7. Exterior Glass

8. Partition Glass

9. Ledges and Frames


10. Ceiling and Door Vents

11. Picture Frames

12. Desks, Shelves, and File Cabinets

13. Furniture Bases

14. Paneling and Sides of File Cabinets

15. Baseboards


16. Edges and Corners

17. Under Furniture

18. Behind Doors

19. Overall Effectiveness

20. Spotting

Dust Mopping

21. Corners and Edges

22. Under Furniture

23. Behind Doors

23. Overall Quality

Tile Floor

25. Overall Shine

26. Spot Mopping

27. Corners and Edges

28. Baseboards

Scrubbing and Scrapping

29. Thresholds

30. Transition Strips

31. Door Bottoms

32. Baseboards and Base Tile

33. Door Frame Bottoms


34. Mirrors, Sinks, and Dispensers

35. Walls and Partitions

36. Bowls and Urinals

37. Baseboards and Behind Toilets

38. Floors


39. Trash Cans

40. Equipment Care

41. ISS Uniform

Janitor Closets
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Closet Number or Location

Equipment Condition

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SDS Book

First Aid Kit

Axiom Poster

US Health Works Poster

Safety Campaign Posters

Properly Labeled Bottles

Cleared Front of Electric Panels to 3 ft?

Cleared Around Water Heaters?




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Detail Work, Periodicals

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