1.0 - Building Facade

1.0 Building Exterior

Glass panels and windows external to the facility are free from any damage?

Walls external to the facility are free from any damage?

External stairs to facility are in good order with handrails secure?

Adequate rubbish and smokers bins provided and emptied regularly?

No evidence of pests?

Additional Comments

2.0 - Entry & Exit

2.0 - Entry and Exits

Entry & Exit to building is free of any damage or obstructions?

No smoking with 7 metre of building entries

Surrounding area to the facility is clean and free from any damage?

Roller doors access to facility is working and in good condition?

Boom gates and access control system in good working order?

Additional Comments

3.0 - Foyer/Lift Lobby Areas

3.0 - Foyer/Lift lobby Areas

Floor temperature & air flow satisfactory

Walls to foyer and lift lobby areas are free of any damage?

All lights are in good working order, no blown globes?

Glass panels & windows within the foyer and lift lobby areas are clean and free of any damage?

Areas free of stored items or anything out of place?

Fire Evacuation Diagrams are on display and are current?

Lift bay is clear and free of any obstructions?

Additional Comments

4.0 - Internal House Keeping

4.0 - Internal House Keeping

Work areas free from rubbish, obstructions?

Bathrooms and kitchenettes, cleaned and maintained?

Free from slip/trip hazards, floor openings protected?

Stock/Material stored safely, no unapproved storage?

Lobby wet weather mats & associated equipment available & in good condition?

No evidence of pests

Additional Comments

5.0 - Stairs, Steps & Landings

5.0 - Stairs, Steps and Landings

Handrails are secure with no damage present?

All stairs are in good order with no damage present

Stair landing are clear at all times?

Additional Comments

6.0 - Internal Fittings

6.0 - Internal Fittings

Surfaces safe & suitable, incl. mats, carpet, trims, vinyl, tiles?

Condition of paint, doors & door hardware etc?

Condition of furniture and fittings?

7.0 - Lifts

7.0 - Lifts

Lighting is adequate with no globes blown?

Lifts are clean and no damage present?

Lighting is adequate with no globes blown?

All button operate with illumination?

Additional Comments

8.0 - All Amenities

8.0 - Amenities

Washrooms clean?

All toilets have adequate toilet paper?

Bathroom waste bins are not overflowing?

Toilets are clean?

Additional comments

9.0 - Plant Rooms

9.0 - Plant rooms

Cooling towers within the facility are free of any damage?

Cooling tower chemicals are appropriately stored?

MSDS available for all hazardous goods

All chemical stations are free of any damage or spillages?

Areas are clear free of rubbish, storage, trip hazards or obstructions

Areas free from spilt liquid, water, oil and grease?

Warning signage or instruction signage is displayed?

Lighting is adequate within the plant room?

Access to spill kit is available within the facility?

Lift motors are free of damage and appropriately guarded?

Mechanical areas are safety guarded?

Access ladders utilised within the plant rooms are free of any damage

Additional comments

10.0 - Roof

10.0 - Roof

Roof access is restricted with appropriate signage?

Roof is clear, free of rubbish, trip hazards or obstructions?

All Anchor points, lines, systems withing the facility are certified and current?

All drainage points are free of obstructions

Additional Comments

11.0 - Fire Systems

11.0 - Fire Systems

Fire stairs within the facility are free of obstruction and damage?

Fire stairs are well lit without any blown globes?

Fire panel isolation book is available and completed

All fire doors within the facility are free of damage and currently operate freely

Additional Comments

12.0 - Water

12.0 - Water

Water storage tanks within the facility are free of damage?

Gutter, down pipes are connected and free of damage?

Additional Comments

13.0 - Waste

13.0 - Waste

No hard rubbish present i.e pallets, computer hardware

Waste dumpster not over flowing?

All rubbish is contained within waste bins?

General garbage collection/recycling areas are clean?

Additional Comments

14.0 - Car Park

14.0 - Car Park

Car Park entry / exits in good condition including boom gate, ground spikes, height bars?

Is free of any trip hazards blockages and is clear of obstructions?

Car park is well lit with no blown globes?

Pedestrian areas are line marked and signposted?

Additional Comments

15.0 - First Aid

15.0 - First Aid

First Aid provision is available for site?

First Aid cabinet is fully stocked?

Additional Comments

16.0 - Electrical Cabinets

16.0 - Electrical Cabinets

Are clean and free of rubbish?

Are the electrical distribution boards schedules current i.e available with no hand written amendments

Are cabinets locked/access control engaged?

Are cabinet doors his good condition including locks, hinges, etc

Additional Comments

17.0 - Induction Maintenance Cabinet

17.0 - Induction Maintenance Records


1. How to complete site specific induction
2. Contractors used on Site
3. Health & Safety Declaration
4. Contractor Induction Register
5. House Rules
6. Hazards Register
7. Restricted Access Register
8. Asbestos/Hazmat Register
9. High Risk Work & Hot Works Permits
10. Fire Isolation & Impairment Forms
11. Insurers Notification Form
12. Induction Report Form
13. Completed Forms
14. Contractor site information pack audit form

Contractors Site Information folder is on site?

Contractor sign in/out register is present and being completed by contractors?

Contractors on site documentation is current?

Additional Comments

18.0 - Overall comment of Facility

18.0 - Overall Comments of Facility

19.0 - Sign Off

17 - Sign Off

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.