Employee Details

  • Please confirm if all data in the 'Staff Details.xls' sent by Laura Shelton, is accurate.

  • Please provide the correct details below

  • Please confirm if the list of active Spectrum accounts, as sent by Laura Shelton in the 'Staff Details.xls', is accurate.

  • Please provide the correct details below

  • Please confirm that all new starters since 1st January 2016 have had relevant PES checks carried out by the Franchisee.

  • Please confirm that all staff have received induction training, as well as role specific training.

  • Please confirm that all field staff who are responsible for carrying out self sampling, have a valid accreditation.

  • Do all field-based staff have a valid ID Card with the most recent Rainbow logo?

  • Corporate uniform been issued?

  • PPE has been issued for all employees working either on site or in the unit and subsequent training has been given (field based staff only)

  • As the Business Owner, please confirm you have completed the Asbestos Awareness (if not bSure accredited), Customer Service, DPA, Fraud, Health and Safety, TCF, and UK Financial Sanctions eLearning modules.

  • Please confirm your Technicians have completed the Asbestos Awareness (if not bSure accredited) and Health and Safety eLearning modules.

  • Please confirm your Administration Team have completed the Customer Service, DPA, Fraud, TCF, and UK Financial Sanctions eLearning modules.


  • All operational equipment used within the business is in line with Franchisors best practice, and has been recorded on Spectrum Enterprise

  • All equipment used within the business is in good repair, and PAT tested.

  • Please supply a photo of your PAT register

Chemical products

  • All products used within the business are in accordance with the Rainbow system, and fully approved by our suppliers

  • MSDS/COSHH information on all products is held both in the business and on individual vehicles


  • Please supply details of all vehicles in the business, whether owned or leased

  • Vehicles
  • Registration Number

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Date of first registration

  • Are all vehicles liveried to the new brand logo?

  • All vehicles are adequately insured

  • Please list below the name of broker, name of insurance company, policy number and policy expiry date for each vehicle.

Health and Safety

  • Date of Health and Safety audit carried out by H&S and Employment Law provider

  • Valid signed H&S policy, identifying the responsible person

  • Last report sent to Rainbow

  • Photo of accident book

  • Number of accidents (excluding RIDDOR incidents) during 2016

  • Number of RIDDOR incidents during 2016

  • HSE and Employment Law contract Cover

  • HSE / Employment Law
  • Name of Provider

  • Type of cover, I.e. H&S, Employment, both

  • Date of contract

  • Period

Accreditation / Licenses

  • Data Protection

  • Data Protection expiry date

  • Photo of Data Protection policy

  • CHAS

  • CHAS Expiry

  • Waste Disposal License

  • Waste Disposal License expiry

  • Photo of Waste Disposal license

  • Safe Contractor

  • Safe contractor expiry

  • Photo of Safe Contractor policy

  • BDMA

  • BDMA accredited staff. Please list the following for all BDMA accredited staff; Name Accredited level Job title Issue date Expiry date


  • Please confirm the registered address of the company.

  • Business premises are leased from...

  • Duration of lease (YRS)

  • Lease expiry date

  • Do you have any other business interests outside of Rainbow International

  • Business premises are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness, and are adequately protected in terms of security

  • Premises have an alarm fitted

  • Premises are covered by Red Care (or similar)

Insurance Cover

  • We have adequate insurance in place in line with the Rainbow system (including damage to property being worked upon, goods in trust and asbestos cover)

  • Please list below the name of broker, name of insurance company, employers liability cover (£) public/product liability cover (£) and expiry dates

IT Security

  • We have adequate cover in place to meet our IT security requirements (malware, anti-virus etc)

  • Please list below the name of the IT security package, and the version/year

Audit completion

  • I confirm that all information provided in this audit is correct at the time of submission

  • Date and time of completion

  • Directors
  • Add signature

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