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  • RBT arrives on-time and prepared?

  • RBT begins promptly/avoids wasted time?

  • RBT maintains professional demeanor?

  • Data sheets are up-to-date and targets are appropriate to session?

  • Reinforcers, data sheets, materials ready and easily accessible?

Direct Instruction

  • RBT establishes instructional control?

  • RBT establishes attention before placing instructional demand?

  • RBT confirms MO of the learner?

  • Instructions and prompts are clear and concise?

  • Sd presented only 1 time before either a response or prompt? (No repeated Sds)?

  • Tone of voice neutral?

  • Appropriate level of enthusiasm?

  • Tasks are mixed and varied across operants?

  • Appropriate ratio of easy (mastered) vs. difficult (acquisition) tasks? 80/20 rule?

  • Errorless teaching is used with appropriate time delay?

  • RBT maintains appropriate pace of instruction (inter-trial intervals no more than 3 seconds)?

  • SDs are varied?

  • Teaches to fluency? <br>

  • Updates maintenance targets and practices them within trials?


  • Were reinforcers delivered immediately?

  • Did the RBT maintain control of the reinforcers?

  • Was the reinforcement schedule appropriate for the learner?

  • Did the RBT utilize differential reinforcement?

  • Did the RBT use a variety of reinforcers?

  • RBT paired behavior-specific praise with tangible reinforcers?

  • Reinforcers were delivered contingent upon correct responses, attending, and lack of inappropriate behavior?

  • RBT completed a preference assessment?

Consequences: Prompting and Error Correction

  • Are prompts provided when necessary?

  • Was there only a 3 second delay between the Sd and the response or prompt?

  • Are transfer trials presented after each prompted response?

  • RBT uses prompts that reliably evoke the appropriate response?

  • Are prompts varied depending on the skill being taught?

  • Were prompts progressively and systematically faded?

  • Are correction procedures implemented correctly? (Re-states Sd with 0 second time delay after error/no response?)

  • Was every instruction followed by a consequence (reinforcement, prompt, or correction procedure)?

Behavior Management

  • Problem behavior protocols utilized correctly as outlined in BSP?

  • Implements antecedent strategies appropriately when unwanted behaviors are not occurring?

  • Utilizes appropriate behavior intervention when behavior occurs?

  • Provides positive reinforcement for an appropriate behavior following behavior intervention?

  • Maintains composure during procedures?

  • RBT recorded appropriate data?

Data Collection/Program Management

  • Begins and ends session with pairing?

  • Program book is fully updated and maintained?

  • Anecdotal notes are objective, clear, and complete?

  • All supervisory recommendations are being followed/implemented?


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