Fire Protection

Fire Protection

  • Do key personnel on site know where sprinkler control valves are and what to do in an emergency?

  • Are sprinkler valves (tamper proof) in the open position?

  • Are sprinkler systems flow tested annually?

  • Are all sprinkler heads at least 18" clear of stored items?

  • Is the building inspected and documented from a property conservation perspective at least annually? (Such as Fire Marshall, County Inspector, or dedicated employee?)

  • Are smoke detectors interconnected with the fire alarm system?

  • Is the entire building protected by an automatic, and monitored fire alarm? (Where/who - central station, 911, local only?)

  • Are fire alarm initiating devices (pull stations, smoke, and flow detectors) tested? (Comment on type and frequency).

  • Are smoke/fire doors provided that adequately segregate the structure?

  • Are fire extinguishers properly charged, tagged, and initialed monthly and accessible?

  • Fire Protection Comments/Recommendations

  • Fire Protection Pictures



  • Is the building free of any combustible construction? (Comment on where and size of combustible construction)

  • Are all elevated areas (mezzanines, penthouses, ramps, etc) provided with proper railings to prevent falls?

  • Is the building free of any obvious structural defects? (Comment)

  • Construction Comments/Recommendations

  • Construction Pictures



  • Is kitchen cooking equipment properly protected with fixed extinguishing systems?

  • Is the fixed extinguishing system being properly serviced? (Frequency, fusible links, etc) Comment

  • Are there automatic disconnects for any fuel supplies?

  • Are ventilation hoods provided with proper filtering systems and are they clean and in good condition?

  • Are dryer lint traps kept clean?

  • Kitchen Comments/Recommendations

  • Kitchen Pictures

Electrical Service

Electrical Service

  • Are computer rooms properly wired and provided with adequate electrical service?

  • Is back-up power & surge protection provided to sensitive electronic equipment? (LAN, PC's, phone, video, alarms) Comment

  • Is extension cord use kept to a minimum and used only for temporary service?

  • Are all electrical cords in good condition and properly grounded?

  • Are GFCI outlets used on exterior outlets and near any sinks?

  • Are circuit breakers protected against tampering?

  • Do transformers and electrical panels have a 3 foot clearance maintained around them? Comment

  • Electrical Service Comments/Recommendations

  • Electrical Service Pictures

Boiler Rooms

Boiler Rooms

  • Are boiler safety relief valves inspected and tested monthly?

  • Are boiler low water cutoff valves inspected monthly?

  • Is the boiler and other mechanical rooms secured against unauthorized entry?

  • Do key personnel on site know where the boiler emergency shut off switch is?

  • Are boiler logs maintained and on site for review? Comment

  • Boiler Room Comments/Recommendations

  • Boiler Room Pictures

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

  • Check ceiling tiles, air handling units, intakes, and mechanical rooms. Are they free of excessive moisture?

  • Do filters appear to be clean and changed on a regular basis? (Comment on filter type, frequency, cleanliness, adequacy)

  • Is the facility free of any standing water? (Check interior sources slop sinks, plumbing rooms, etc)

  • Does the school appear to be clean and free of mold/IAQ Issues? (Comment)

  • Indoor Air Quality Comments/Recommendations

  • Indoor Air Quality Pictures

General Safety

General Safety

  • Are only permitted chemicals on site (i.e.: Cleaning chemicals, lab chemicals, mercury)?

  • Are cleaning chemicals properly stored?

  • Are SDSs kept on site and readily accessible?

  • Are adequate, accessible, and properly maintained ladders provided to staff so upper areas can be reached safely?

  • Are stair treads free of defects?

  • Are sidewalks and floors in good condition and free of slip/trip hazards?

  • Are bleachers in good condition and free of defects?

  • Are floor surfaces and walkways inspected regularly and prioritized for improvement? (Slips and falls are a leading cause of injury)

  • General Safety Comments/Recommendations

  • General Safety Pictures



  • Are curriculum chemicals stored per a recognized system (i.e.: Flinn?)

  • Are chemicals dated, rotated, inventoried annually, and disposed of properly?

  • Are proper eyewash stations and emergency showers provided and in working order?

  • Are there emergency gas cutoff devices available, and does staff know where they are?

  • Chemical/Science Comments/Recommendations

  • Chemical/Science Pictures



  • Are playgrounds in good condition and free of defects?

  • Is the playground accessible to those with disabilities?

  • Is the surrounding ground adequately covered with appropriate shock absorbing material?

  • Does the ground cover extend to at least 6' from the equipment?

  • Playgrounds Comments/Recommendations

  • Playgrounds Pictures



  • Is the entire building protected by a security alarm?

  • Is all visitor access controlled through the main office?

  • Are visitors required to sign and obtain a visitors badge?

  • Are high value areas (PC, Video, Music, etc) provided with additional security (locks, alarms, etc)? Comment

  • Are security alarms monitored by a reliable source (where/who - central station, 911, local only)? Comment

  • Security Comments/Recommendations

  • Security Pictures

Shops/Art Studios

Shops/Art Studios

  • Are flammable liquids properly stored and kept to a reasonable amount?

  • Are kilns properly located, vented and fire controls in place?

  • Is combustible storage kept to a minimum? (Wood, cardboard, paneling)

  • Are all food stuffs kept separate from lab storage and stored properly?

  • Are materials stored safely and present no hazards to persons?

  • Are mechanical guards provided for any power equipment (Comment on saws, planers, drill presses, etc)

  • Shops/Art Studios Comments/Recommendations

  • Shops/Art Studios Pictures

Life Safety

  • Are all exit doors easily opened from the inside while the building is occupied?

  • Are all large meeting areas (50 or more persons) provided with adequate exits?

  • Are stairwells well lighted and free of obstructions (such as stored items)?

  • Is there adequate exit identification (exit signs)?

  • Are all smoke and fire doors able to close automatically in the event of a fire?

  • Is there adequate exit illumination (emergency lighting)?

  • Are evacuation routes identified in each room?

  • Life Safety Comments/Recommendations

  • Life Safety Pictures

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

  • Is there adequate staff trained in First Aid, AED's and CPR on each shift the building is open?

  • Are evacuation drills (that include shelter in place and lock downs) performed at least 10 times per year?

  • Is fire department access adequate? Is there appropriate coordination with the local fire department and the school personnel?

  • Has the school met with the fire department and done any pre-planning for emergencies (within the past 12 months)?

  • Are there redundant means of communication in place? (such as radio, cell, web, for communicating with Fire Dept, Main Office, County Government) Comment

  • Is there an effective Procedure for handling Bomb Threats in place?

  • Are non-exit doors (such as mechanical rooms etc) where needed, properly labelled to notify occupants and emergency responders?

  • Do plans include relocation to a secondary place of shelter (Such as a nearby church or shopping center)?

  • Do key personnel on site know what actions to take if an emergency occurs? (Comment on plan, utility cutoffs, coordination with EMS, Police, Fire dept., etc.) - Are entrances controlled? ID's issued to visitors?

  • Emergency Response Comments/Recommendations

  • Emergency Response Pictures

General Comments and Pictures

General Comments and Pictures

    General Comments and Pictures
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