• Which RDC are you at?

  • What Shift?

  • RDC Safety Audit

  • Inspection

Emergency Plans

  • Written Program available?

  • Flip books posted and documentation indicating semi-annual review conducted?

  • Documented evacuation drill and storm shelter conducted annually?

  • Documented First Aid/CPR training conducted?

  • Documented training on emergency procedures?

Hazard Communication

  • Written Program available.

  • Documentation of training available ?

  • SDS's are available to all employees and they know how to access them?

  • All chemical containers are clearly labeled and properly stored

  • Electrical equipment in good working (No exposed or frayed wiring, no knock-outs missing)

  • All electrical cabinets accessible (36" clearance) closed, & not missing any knock-outs or screws.

Powered Industrial Vehicles (Order pickers/Forklifts)

  • Are all operators trained and certified to operate the piece of equipment they are operating?

  • Have safety inspections been performed for all PIV in service? Records for past inspections?

  • Fall Protection. Are harnesses and lanyards in good condition and being inspected?

  • Documented initial and refresher training on PIV drivers?

  • Documentation indicating extrication from elevated position conducted?

  • Dock Safety training done? Entry into freight trailer by forklift/order picker.

  • Chocks and nose jacks available and being used?

  • Chains or gate observed across dock opening?

  • Battery charging stations procedures posted?

  • Glad hand locks in use?


  • Written Program available?

  • Documented annual training performed on authorized and affected employees?

  • Lockout instructions posted?

Back Injury Prevention Training

  • Training documented for WHSE operations and Customer Pick-ups?

Safety program elements

  • Employees wearing safety glasses

  • Floor free of scrap, trash, spills and trip hazards.

  • All cords are secured and do not drape across walkways.

  • Materials are properly stored and stacked in the designated areas.

  • Fire extinguishers are easily identifiable and accessible and current on inspections?

  • All machine buttons are properly labeled.

  • Hand tool and air nozzles are in good working order and safety mechanisms have not been altered

  • Documented new hire safety orientation?

  • Documented safety training for BBP, LOTO, Fall protection, Electrical, Workplace Violence, Walking working surfaces, Fire extinguisher.

  • Safety Goals/metrics documented?

  • Is there a system for reporting near misses?


  • Grinder guards properly adjusted?

  • Grinder adjustment indicator tool present?


  • Extension cords in good condition and not being used in lieu of permanent wiring?

Aisles and Rack Condition

  • Aisles clear of debris?

  • Upright racks in good condition with no significant damage?

  • Safety tabs in place on racking?

Building security

  • Are all perimeter doors secured and/or require badge access?


  • Additional items of note.....

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