Previous Audits

Have all action items from the previous audit been completed?


Are linen skips kept half full? Check any in area, ask staff whether skips are only filled to ha
F way.

Is the area clean & tidy?

Are the rooms & passageways free of clutter?

Have risks associated with sharp or protruding or low overhead structures been eliminated or minimized?

Are hand rails accessible and in good condition?

Are waste bins only filled to just below the top?

Floor Surface

Are surfaces free from cracks, unevenness?

Are spills cleaned up straight away so they do not cause a falls hazard? (Ask a random sample of staff & do a visual inspection)

Are the floor coverings free from wear & tears?

Is the floor surface clean and free from rubbish?

Have items / equipment that should not be there been removed?

Building / Work Area

Is the work area clean & tidy, equipment & paperwork put away?

Are the windows clean & in good working order?

Are the doors in good working order? (check latch that keeps doors open)

Are bathrooms clean & in good working order?


Is the temperature of the environment comfortable?

Is the lighting for the area adequate? (Not dime or flickering). Are light fittings clean & working?

Is the work area well lit? Is night lighting adequate? Are security lights working?

Are noise levels acceptable?

Is the area free of unpleasant odours?

Is ventilation adequate?

Air vents, filters, extraction fans clean?

Ergonomics / Manual Handling

Have unnecessary manual handling tasks been eliminated?

Has staff been trained in manual handling / No Lift and any mechanical aids? (Ask a random sample of staff)

Where staff are required to work at computerised work stations for 2 hours or more at any one time, have workstations been ergonomicaly assessed and adjusted to suit the individual?

Is furniture in good order, desk drawers closed?

Are office chairs adjustable, have a five point base?


Is all equipment in good working order and if unsafe, taken out of service?

Is equipment that is not in use, stored appropriately?

Is the equipment used suitable for purpose? Ask a sample of staff


Have electrical items been checked & have a current tag?

Are cords safe, not frayed or broken?

Have cords been arranged so they don't pose a trip hazard?

Are power points being used appropriately? (i.e. No double adapters)

Gas Cylinders

Are gas cylinders secured?

Are gas cylinders stored outside, with the minimum outside?

Are cylinders in use secured on a trolley?

Emergency Response

Are fire extinguishers, hose reels & fire blankets sign posted?

Are fire blankets and extinguishers accessible?

Do fire extinguishers have a tag demonstrating testing within the last six months? Is it clear from obstruction?

Are staff familiar with their response upon hearing the fire alarm? (Ask a random sample)

Is there a telephone threat checklist (purple laminated A4 sheet) near each phone?

Have evacuation packs been audited as per the schedule?

Chemical Safety / PPE

Are chemical containers in good condition?

Are chemical containers appropriately labeled?

Are labels clear and intact?

Are chemicals stored appropriately (locked)?

Do all chemicals in use have a current MSDS available?


Are all storage areas neat and tidy?

Are items stored / stacked safely?

Have the risks associated with things falling from heights been eliminated?

Are areas under desks / tables free from clutter? (i.e. Boxes stored / clutter preventing ergonomic seating)


Are safety signs in place (floor washing)?

Is there a current Worksafe "if you are injured" poster displayed?

Are exit / entrance signs visible and intact?

Is there an emergency exit map displayed showing paths of egress and assembly points?


Can you determine that doors are not chocked open?

Are staff wearing ID badges?

Are staff and patient valuables / belongings kept secure?

Is drug security maintained?

Is patient / resident information kept secure?

Are duress alarms tested, including under desk and wifi activated duress alarms? (Ask to see testing records)

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.