Pre-Fuel Log

Engine Hours

Fuel Level According to Garmin

Everything off

Engine off

All AC circuits OFF

Diesel heater OFF (button at power panel)

Only necessary (lighting, water pump) DC circuits on

Overkill best practice would be to turn all battery banks off, but this is probably overkill...



Rags for any spill handy

Begin to fill based on the Garmin "fuel level" reading. The tank is 180 gallons. As you approach what would be 180 gallons, watch and listen for the tank to get full (and pay attention to any "auto stop," though not all marinas have these. Remember that based on diesel heater usage, the tank may take more than the Garmin indicates it should (1-5 gallons more). The goal is to completely fill the tank

Always watch the fuel vent for spills. If fuel is coming out of the vent, consider the tank FULL.

For large fills or if you are uncertain about fuel level, the tank can be visually inspected. It is located under the hatch in the cabin, immediately inside the door, which is usually covered by the cabin carpet.


Complete refueling entry in paper logbook

Fueling and Payment Information

Request SYC Discount (Bobby / David only)

Gallons added

Dollars / gallon

Total cost

Payment Type

LLC Payment Type

Fuel level at start of voyage

Gallons used by you

Transfer $ for your own voyage to LLC bank account

Photo of receipt
Reset Garmin Fuel Meter

Make sure ignition is live ("green") and engine is off

Set Garmin fuel to full tanks

To set Garmin fuel level go to "A/V Gauges" --> "Engines" --> "Menu" and select "Fill Up All Tanks" "Add Fuel to Boat" or "Set Total Fuel on Board" (see image for flowchart)

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9.23.29 PM.png

Confirm Garmin shows 180 gallons remaining

Reset Garmin trip computer (optional but recommended)

To reset trip computer "Info" --> "Trips and Graphs" --> "RESET"

Fuel Dock Departure

Batteries back on, if off

Electronics back on, as needed

Diesel heat on, only if not returning to slip

Engine on

Thrusters on

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