Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Document Number

  • Serial Number

  • Asset Number

  • Customer

  • Vessel Type

Primary Vessel Details

  • Manufacturer

  • Design Code

  • Contents

  • Year of Manufacture

  • Tare Weight

  • Payload (if applicable)

  • Maximum Gross Weight

  • Vacuum on Arrival

  • Slings Fitted?

  • Shackles Fitted?

General Condition

  • General Condition of Vessel

  • Outer Jacket Condition

  • Outer Rear Head Condition

  • Saddle Condition

  • Pipe Work Condition

  • General Paint Condition

  • Fork Lift Paint Condition

  • Tank In Original Configuration

  • Internal Supports

Vessel Safeties

  • Primary Relief Valve 1 (ensure pressure rating does not exceed MAWP)

  • Primary Relief Valve 2 (ensure pressure rating does not exceed MAWP)

  • Primary Relief Valve 3 (ensure pressure rating does not exceed MAWP)

  • Road Travelling Valve (to be checked against last test certificates)

  • Line Relief Valves (to be checked against last test certificates)

  • Details of Any Other Safeties Fitted


  • Pressure Gauge

  • Differential Pressure Contents Gauge

  • Details of Any Other Gauges Fitted


  • Liquid Top Fill Valve

  • Liquid Rear Fill Valve

  • Liquid Decant Valve 1

  • Liquid Decant Valve 2

  • Strainer

  • Non Return Valve

  • Manual Gas Vent Valve

  • Road Travelling Valve

  • Trycock Valve(s)

  • Pressure Build Manual Valve

  • Pressure Build Automatic Valve (if applicable)

  • Pressure Build Vaporiser

  • Pressure Build Regulator (if applicable)

  • DP Gauge Isolation Valves

  • Gauge Panel

  • Valve ID Tags

  • Details of Any Other Valves Fitted

Skid Condition

  • Left Side Member

  • Right Side Member

  • Cross Member Front

  • Cross Member Rear

  • Fork Lift Pocket Front

  • Fork Lift Pocket Rear

  • Base Plates

  • Drip Tray

Frame Condition

  • Corner Post Front Left

  • Corner Post Front Right

  • Corner Post Rear Left

  • Corner Post Rear Right

  • Pad Eyes

  • Front Cross Members

  • Rear Cross Members

  • Right Side Members

  • Left Side Members

  • Roof Support Members

  • Roof Plates

  • Ladder Condition

  • Fork Protection Plates


  • Main Tank Corrosion

  • Brackets / Supports / Legs

Labels / Data Plates

  • ADR Label

  • Earth Label

  • Chain Here Label

  • Customer Logo

  • Other


  • General condition of bolts. Should not be rusted. Correct length.

  • Roof Bolts Tight

  • Other

Helium Leak Test Result

  • Has The Tank Been Helium Leak Tested?

  • Any Leak Found? Where?

Documentation Check

  • Original Dossier / Test Certificates

  • Is The Data Plate Stamped With The Last Periodic Inspection Date? If Yes, State Date

  • Construction Drawings

  • Customer Internal Reports

  • Any Other Details

Corrective Actions

  • Enter Any Corrective Actions That Will Be Undertaken


  • Inspection Completed By

  • Date

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