• Name of Reservoir Inspected

  • Conducted on

  • Location

Site General

  • Perimeter fence (walk site) intact and NO evidence of damage / vandalism / graffiti?

  • Gates/fences are intact and secure, locks in place?

  • Surrounds and access tracks are in good order?<br>

  • Is the roof of reservoir free from overhanging tree limbs?

  • Tank is in good condition - NO leaking of valves or seepage?

Tanks Including Roofed Basins

  • Ladder (internal & external) condition acceptable?

  • Is the tank roof and guttering clean (free of debris, grass, weeds, leaves)?

  • Is the tank roof secure and free of of leaks, holes, rust that can allow water ingress or contamination?

  • Is the tank access hatch secure (locked with padlock) & any vents/other openings secure?

  • Is the tank access hatch sealing (no water/animal ingress)?

  • Vermin proofing in place, secure & in good condition?

  • Water in tanks is free of evidence of debris or floating debris on water surface (open inspection hatch)

  • Reservoir Integrity is a CCP - If there is any Evidence of contamination i.e. bird or animal entry, nests, faeces etc. arrange urgent repairs and notify operations engineer ASAP

  • Remember to close off task on MEXs

  • Any Comments?

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