Resident Experience Audit Checklist - Andrews Senior Care

Care of residents

Resident are clean. (nails, hair, skin, teeth)

Residents receive proper mouth care. (breath smells fresh, mouth clean)

Residents are free from odour?

Residents are properly dressed

Residents' clothing fits and is done up

Residents are wearing shoes and stockings which fit and match

Residents are wearing daytime apparel in the day, and night-time apparel at night

Residents appear well groomed. (Men are shaved; residents have clean hair, cut and trimmed.)

Residents speak freely and openly with visitors

Most residents are free from restraints (Restraints include chairs with trays, bed sheets and jacket restraints.)

Staff help residents change their positions in chairs or beds regularly. (Residents are not left slumped over or sliding from chairs,)

Residents are awake and not in bed mid-day

Residents are free from evidence of injury (bruising, swelling, lacerations, stitches, casts, etc.)

Residents' feet, ankles and legs are free from swelling and ulcerations; or, if swollen, are properly elevated


Sufficient staff are in evidence at nursing stations and Staff on the floor.

Staff seem to be properly trained and address residents' needs in a caring and professional manner needs in a caring and professional manner

Staff smile, appear cheerful and show a caring attitude towards residents

Staff are well groomed?

Staff treat residents, family and other staff with courtesy, dignity, and respect

General Surroundings

Residents in wheelchairs are not lined up in the hallways or lounge areas is cheerful

Floors and walls are clean, in good repair, and the decor

The home looks and smells clean

The home is free of evidence of cockroaches and rodents

There are bright, pleasant lounge areas

There is soft, pleasant music or activity in lounge areas

There is coffee, tea and juice available for residents and visitors

Residents' rooms are bright and home-like, with personal belongings in evidence

Call bell within easy reach of resident

There is an easy chair for every resident in each bedroom

Closets in bedrooms are properly organized?

Bathrooms are clean and odour free

Bathing areas are clean and in good repair; tiles are not chipped / disorganized

There is sufficient clean linen and towels for residents' use.

Wheelchairs, trays and other equipment are clean and in good condition?

Staff converse pleasantly with residents and visitors

Residents' privacy is respected. (Staff knock before they enter and leave when visitors arrive, Privacy curtains are used appropriately and in good condition


Snacks are served between meals and choices of beverages and snacks are available

Meals appear appetizing and attractive

There are sufficient staff available to assist residents with eating when necessary

Food meets any therapeutic needs residents may have (e.g. diabetic, salt free, chopped, pureed)

Fresh fruit and vegetables served, and there is Food seems to be good nutritional value adequate fibre

Portions are large enough and residents are offered second helpings?

Residents do not appear hungry and do not indicate that they are hungry or thirsty when asked

Residents are encourage to eat and drink, Aides sit to assist residents with eating rather than standing over them

Dietary staff respect residents' individual eating habits, that is, clean up after meals is not rushed

Staff oversee residents as they eat, whether in dining room, own room or corridors

Menus are displayed in clear view, on all floors and offer an alternative choice

Dining room is attractive, pleasant and appropriately decorated

Overall perspective on resident care and experience at the home?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.