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  • Please take a picture of the frozen door or doors that merchandise Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough, Rolls and Baked Goods

  • Please take a Picture of any End Cap or Display's of Rhodes Products

  • If the product listed is available in this store please touch [?] button then [Yes] this will open a dialog Box so you can enter information. Enter information in the following format... Price ($) 4.99- product code date mm/dd/yy as 12/25/14 (4.99-12/25/14)

740- 36ct White Rolls

742- 24ct Texas Rolls

735- 72ct White Rolls

749- 12ct Cinnamon Rolls

759- Giant Cinnamon Rolls

769- 12ct Orange Rolls

774- Anytime Carmel Roll Pan

776- Anytime Orange Roll Pans

779- Anytime Cinnamon Roll Pans

747- Texas Wheat Rolls

745- Cracked Wheat Rolls

737- Multi-Grain Rolls

700- 5 Pack White Bread

705- 3 Pack White Bread

715- 3 Pack Wheat Bread

2400- WNS Buttery Dinner Rolls

2410- WNS Multi-Grain Rolls

2420- WNS Garlic Butter Rolls

2440- WNS Hawaiian Rolls

2450- WNS Monkey Bread

460-WNS-Bag Crusty

470- WNS-Bag Soft White

475-WNS-Bag-12count Soft White Rolls

480- WNS-Bag- Wheat Rolls

490- WNS-Bag- SourDough Rolls

465-WNS- Mini Baguettes

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