Mile Marker 1 - Verification Questions & Responses

  • Line 1.0
    Can the site demonstrate that all rigging equipment has received a shift visual inspection, discuss with TMs their understanding, is it documented, and have have they been trained in this process?

  • Line 1.1
    Can the site demonstrate they have a rigging register and that it clearly shows the number of high risk lifting operations as per definition. Do they know the number of lifting plans they have to complete etc or update?

  • Line 1.2
    Have rigging plans been developed for the high risk lifting operations identified in the register?
    Select a number to validate against and do they contain the critical elements as required by Terex?

  • Line 1.3
    Can the site demonstrate that TMs with rigging responsibilities have been trained on rigging selection, use and what to do if the equipment if found defective?

  • Line 1.4
    Have a set of zero tolerance rules been included in the written program, are they shared during training and do TMs have easy access to them?

  • Line 1.5
    Are tag lines provided and in use across the facility/location?
    Are TMs not placing their hands on parts to turn, or support loads - DON'T TOUCH = No Tag lines

  • Line 1.6
    Validate that all equipment is subject to a thorough examination by a competent person, and that defective or equipment needing repair is removed from service until fixed/replaced?

  • Has the facility/location demonstrated that it meets the requirements of the line items for the S.I.F. Rigging RM?

  • The facility/location CAN claim MM1 for this RM

  • The facility/location CAN NOT claim MM1 for this RM

  • Date & Time of completed SIF RMVP

  • Signature of TM completing Verification

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