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Section 1: Health, Safety and Environment

House Keeping and Good Storage

  • Floors swept and hosed clean?

  • Walkways and access ways clear of trip hazards and all low head room areas clearly demarcated?

  • Wash down hoses are coiled when not in use and turned off at supply point?

  • Access ways and areas that must be left clear and marked with a coloured boarder 75mm wide? NA in office, switch room or control room with floor coverings.

  • Access and egress points are stable, secure and readily accessible?

  • Roadways clearly demarcated and windrows minimum half the wheel height of the largest equipment operating in the area?

  • Tools and materials stored in their correct locations? Nothing must protrude beyond any locker, cabinet or cupboard and no items must be stored on top of these.

  • Items that have the potential to be harmed by wind or heavy rain fall have been secured or relocated?


  • Sufficient lighting (day and night) available?

  • All lights clean and working?

  • Exit lighting operational?

  • Emergency lighting operational?

Signs and Barricades

  • Correct signage in use?

  • Signs clean and visible?

  • Barricades used where required?

  • Barricades in good order?

Hazardous Material

  • Gas cylinders are upright, secured appropriately and set away from direct heat. Different gases stored separately. 'No naked light' signs near flammable gases?

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) complete & up-to-date?

  • All substances stored and labelled correctly?

  • Chemicals not being stored in bund with chemical cabinet?

  • Oxy acetylene gas hoses, regulators and torches inspected quarterly?

  • Flashback arrestors fitted to the torches and operators side of the regulator?

Crib Facilities and Sanitation

  • Crib facilities clean and free from vermin?

  • Crib facilities furniture, fridges, water coolers and ovens are at an acceptable standard?

  • Toilets in an operable and clean condition?

  • Wash basins clean and operable, detergents and washing agents available?


  • All electrical cabinets are locked?

  • Electrical appliances have in-date test tags in place?

  • Electrical equipment is not damaged or cords frayed?

Plant and Equipment

  • Machine guarding in place and secure around rotating/moving equipment?

  • Warning signs displayed for the hazards in this area?

  • Equipment in good working order?

  • Fixed equipment labelled with the name by which it is known?

  • Pipes appropriately identified? Including colour coding to AS1345 and direction of flow?

  • Ladders fit for purpose? Ladders must be stored 500mm from the floor on horizontal racks in demarcated area.

  • Safe working load stamped on lifting equipment?

  • Prestart inspections been completed on vehicles and vehicle specific assessments are kept in vehicles?

  • Noise control equipment in place and maintained (e.g. Noise enclosures)?

  • Welding fume extraction equipment is available, working and in test date.

Fire Protection

  • Extinguishes charged and operable? Check extinguishers are in date and hose reels in good working order?

  • Area around fire extinguishers and fire hoses clear of obstructions?

  • Fire equipment (extinguishes and fire hoses) signs in place and visible?

  • Bulk flammable substances stored in flammables cabinets?

First Aid

  • First aid kit adequate for number of persons, location and possible injury types?

  • Stock adequate matches contents list? If kit is not locked.

  • Has monthly audit been completed on First Aid cabinet?

  • List of First Aid Attendants in a visible place?

  • Emergency phone numbers known by all staff?

  • Eyewash/safety shower stations working and flushed weekly?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Medium impact safety glasses available?

  • Hearing protection appropriate and available?

  • Appropriate glove types (for different tasks) available?

  • Respiratory protection available and filters in date?

  • Headgear to Australian Standard requirements - no more than 2 years old and fitted correctly?

  • Clothing in good condition?

  • UV protection available?

  • Fall arrestors stored correctly, cleaned and tagged?

Hydrocarbon Management

  • Hydrocarbon drums/bulkies stored correctly? Stored in bunded area or on a bunded pallet?

  • Storage capacity in the facility adequate? 110% of the largest container or 25% of total volume.

  • Bund integrity safe - Free of cracks, holes, chips, tears or rips?

  • Bund does not contain water?

  • Area us free from evidence of spills or leaks?

  • Bulk containers, drums and other containers clearly labelled and have lids?

  • Adequate number of spill kits are present and complete?

  • Hydrocarbon housekeeping-tanks and pipes clean (i.e. not leaking)?

  • Oily water separators are operational?

Waste Management

  • Rubbish placed in correct bins provided?

  • Waste segregation procedures in place?

  • Waste segregation facilities adequate? Separate bins for metals, general waste, etc.

  • Bins emptied regularly?

  • Bins correctly colour coded and labelled?

Sediment Control

  • Sumps and drains are not blocked with sediment or litter and are free flowing? Check for evidence of sediment and litter washed down drains or in sumps.

  • Sumps and drains free of hydrocarbons/chemicals. Is there any visible oil slick on surface water? Is there a hydrocarbon smell?

  • Ponds are empty? Does the water quality look acceptable? Does it smell of diesel? Litter present?

Dust Management

  • Visible dust levels satisfactory?

  • Dust suppression effective - i.e. water sprays/water trucks?

  • Dust suppression equipment operational?

  • Ore spillage around fixed plant removed?

  • Dust lift-off from stockpiles minimised?

  • Dust suppression equipment on maintenance schedule?

Water Management

  • Water leaks? Check hoses, taps, tanks, water stand pipes etc.

  • Drainage is adequate and maintained throughout the inspection area?

Section 2: Pit specific hazards

  • Access: Is there clear access to all working areas?

  • Bench and road conditions: Is drainage adequate? Are washouts the correct width? Any pot holes? Camber?

  • Open edges: Are there any open edges?

  • No go areas: Is the area restricted?

  • Access roads and ramps: Are they in good condition? Are they the correct width (30m)? Is the gradient correct (1m in 10m)? Correct camber (2%)? Ramp cambered towards high wall?

  • Pit walls: No physical sign of movement or failure? No overhanging or loose material? Bunding in place where hazards exist above?

  • Intersections: Trucks crossing signage? Are intersections at 90 degrees with good visibility? Is LV line of sight adequate? Islands in place at intersections?

  • Signage: Access to site adequately signposted? Hazards identified - warning signs in place? Speed limit signs adequate? Road signage visible and correctly located?

  • Active mining zones: Signage and demarcation in place?

  • Tip-heads: No cracking, slumping or inclined? Dumps not in use closed off? Dump emergency access is clear, accessible and sign posted?

  • Is black shale applicable for this area?

  • Black shale: No sign of smoking or burning? Warning signs in place?

  • Is fibrous material applicable for this area?

  • Fibrous material: Warning signage in place?

  • Is land farm applicable for this area?

  • Rubbish placed in correct bins provided?

  • Waste segregation procedures in place?

  • Bins empties regularly?

  • Bins correctly color coded and labelled?

  • Waste segregation facilities adequate? Separate bins provided for metal, general waste etc.?

  • Is rubber dump applicable for this area?<br>NOTE: Maximum x100 haul truck tyres uncovered.

  • Rubbish placed in correct bins provided?

  • Waste segregation procedures in place?

  • Bins empties regularly?

  • Bins correctly color coded and labelled?

  • Waste segregation facilities adequate? Separate bins provided for metal, general waste etc.?

Sign Off

  • Health and Safety Representative who performed inspection:

  • Health and Safety Representative's signature:

  • Area Supervisor:

  • If you are unable to obtain your Supervisor's signature at the time of inspection, please request them to sign the PDF version of the completed audit. Alternatively, you can edit this report after completion to add the required signature.

  • Area Supervisor Signature:

  • Accountable person for entering hazards and actions into Prospect:

  • On completion of this inspection, please email a copy to the Area Supervisor.

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