Office Area

  • All facility exits are free from obstructions, open out unless allowed by local statues and are not locked durning business hours?

  • Facility exits have appropriate signs in the event of emergency or power failure. Will provide sufficient light or are sufficiently large enough to identify the areas as a facility exit?

  • Training on emergency evacuation procedures has been conducted (tornado, fire emergency evacuation, hurricane evacuation)?

  • Site specific emergency evacuation maps are posted near each work area displaying emergency evacuation routes and assembly areas?

  • Is Good housekeeping maintained?

  • OSHA poster up to date and posted for all employees to see?

  • Emergency Phone Numbers Posted?

  • Do all working areas have proper lighting?

  • Are electrical receptacles located within 3' of sink, exterior door and metal work surfaces equipped with GFCI'S?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Each extinguisher is readily accessible and is identified by a sign?

  • All extinguishers have received a documented annual inspection and have a documented monthly inspection?

OSHA Logs - Training Records

  • Branch maintains record of current and 5 previous years OSHA 300 log?

  • Copies of Workers Comp, Auto and GL - accident/injury reports are maintained by the branch?

  • Weekly safetytoolbox meetings are being held and documented by person giving the training?

Shop Area

  • Sign requiring the use of PPE are posted at locations where PPE is required as determined by a Hazard Assessment?

  • Employees observed wearing PPE in locations were PPE is required as determined by a hazard assessment?

  • Chemicals, spray cans and containers are properly labeled and stored when not in use and not allowed to accumulate in work areas?

  • Shop floor area is clear of general slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • Walkways clear of all materials?

Electrical Equipment

  • is access to control boxes kept clear? Minimum 36" in front of panels.

  • Are inside breaker switches labeled?

  • Are extension cords in good shape, grounding plug in place, insulation in good shape and free of any tape?

  • Any plugs, sockets, or switches are free from damage?


  • All exits are free from obstructions, open our from the direction of travel and are not locked during normal business hours?

  • Exits have appropriate signs that in case of emergency provide sufficient light or are sufficiently large enough to identify the area as an exit?

Eye Wash Station/Emergency Shower

  • At least one eyewash station/emergency shower with appropriate signage, are in good working order and are clean and accessible?

First Aid Kits

  • First Aid Kits properly stocked?

  • Blood borne pathogens kit available?

Hazardous Communication

  • Branch maintains a current updated Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) book containing an accurate inventory of all chemicals in use?

  • Take Three pictures of products and check to see if SDS is on file.

  • Secondary containers used to handle hazardous chemicals are appropriate for use and properly labeled?

  • Flammable liquids are kept in approved Type I or Type II safety cans of not more than 5 gallon capacity and spring closing lid?

  • Employees using proper PPE when using chemicals

Used Oil Storage and Disposal

  • Containers used for oil storage are labeled as such as well as warning signs (i.e. No Smoking) in the storage area?

  • Used oil and filters are disposed of by an outside vendor and completed in a timely manner?

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers are provided and placed in areas identified as a fire hazard or containing potential sources of ignition?

  • Each extinguisher is readily accessible and is identified by a sign?

  • All extinguishers have received a documented annual inspection and have a documented monthly inspection?

Compressed Gas & Propane Storage

  • Proper warning signs are posted in areas where compressed gas/propane is stored indicating "No Smoking, No Open Flame, Flammable" etc.

  • Fire extinguishers are located in close proximity to storage area?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders stored 20' away from heat sources?

  • Are oxygen and acetylene bottles properly stored and chained to prevent bottle from falling?

  • Are oxygen and acetylene stored 20' apart or by a 5' high, 1/2 hour firewall?

  • Is compressed air used for cleaning reduced to 30 psi?

  • Do all compress air hoses have high pressure clamps?

Hand & Power Tools

  • Are all tools be maintained in a good working order?

  • Are all tools designed to be used with a guard maintaining the guard when in use?

  • All electric tools shall be either double insulated or grounded in accordance with OSHA standards?


  • Take picture of forklift being inspected

  • Daily Inspection being done?

  • Seat Belt in good working condition?

  • Mirrors in good working condition?

Yard Area

  • Housekeeping, trash picked up and materials placed in orderly manner?

  • Outside lighting working and sufficient for employee safety?

  • Parking area designated, employee, vistor?

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