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Condition of walkways?

  • Are designated walkways free of obstructions

  • Are relevant signs clear and readable?

  • Any obvious signs of trip hazards on walkways - pot holes?

  • Are roadways free of potholes and obvious trip hazards?

Condition of drains

  • Are drains free of debris?

  • Does water run into the freely?


  • Is there and ongoing programme for maintenance of external area's?

  • Are walkways checked to ensure they are clear and understandable?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Risk Assessment (Planning)

  • Is there a risk assessment in place for external activities. If so please list risk assessment reference.

  • Are review systems for risk assessments in place? When was the current risk assessment reviewed?

  • Are the risk assessment on the shop floor the same as held on file in the HSE department?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Emergency Planning

  • Are procedures and equipment for dealing with emergencies adequate?

  • Do emergency plans evacuate staff, visitors and alert neighbours?

  • Are key staff trained for emergency procedures?

  • Do emergency plans include dealing with chemical spills?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Risk Assessment (Detail)

  • Are all work activities classified?

  • Is the level of risk correctly assessed for each hazard?

  • Are risk control action plans reviewed regularly?

  • Are accidents and incidents investigated and any corrective or preventative action taken?

  • Corrective Action Required:

  • Are OH&S compliance, review and audit records kept?

  • Corrective Action Required:

Management Review

  • Does top management periodically undertake external safety audits?

  • All finding are communicated?

  • Corrective Action Required:


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