Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Client Information

  • Date and time of inspection

  • Location Name

  • Location Account Number

  • Types of Services

  • Technician Servicing Account

Audit notes

  • Notes on areas, devices inspected, and any other information about the inspection process

Customer Interview

  • Contact Person/Title

  • Is the client satisfied with our program?

  • Does technician check in at time of service?

  • Does technician review findings at end of service?

  • If we could do one thing better what would that be?

Documentation Review

  • Target pest and area listed for all materials used?

  • Is the device numbering in order/ logically labeled

  • Customer signature found on last service?

  • Has the technician properly documented "Conditions" in Pest Pac?

Pest Activity

  • Was there pest activity on your last service?

  • If “YES”, please explain pest issues and action taken by technician and/or customer.

  • Has any pest activity been found today?

  • If “YES”, please explain pest activity and if action needs to be taken by technician and/or customer.

Inspection of Equipment

  • Are Pest monitors present and in good working order?

  • What type of devices are present?

  • Are the barcodes in each device being scanned in?

  • Is the equipment clean and properly maintained?

  • Is there a sufficient amount of devices present?

  • Are stations missing or damaged?

Follow up

  • Is any follow up required immediately to any issues noted above?

  • Is any follow up required at the next service to any issues noted above?


  • Customer signature

  • Inspector signature

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