Brake Check (with power unit attached)

Apply the parking brake. Does it hold when transmission is engaged and pulling against it? (CFR49 393.40)

Move the vehicle forward and apply the brakes. Do the brakes grab firmly with no slippage? (CFR49 393.40)

Are there any air leaks in the system or does the air pressure go down after holding the brake down for 30 seconds with the engine off? (CFR49 396.3)

Are air hoses damaged, rubbing on metal, or crimped? (CFR49 393.45)

Are brake shoes free from chips or missing lining? CFR49 393.47)

Are air chambers free from damage. (CFR49 396.3)

Are air chambers secure to vehicle? (CFR49 396.3)

Are Glad Hands connected properly? (CFR 393.46)

Are Glad Hands or connectors free from damage? (CFR49 393.46)

Other Deficiencies

Other Deficiencies

Other Deficiencies

Outside the vehicle Inspection
Vehicle picture.

Is there an Annual Inspection Decal on the trailer and is it legible? (If not there must be a Hard copy available on the Trailer.) (CFR49 396.17)

When does the Annual Inspection on the trailer expire?

Is there a copy of the trailer registration document on the trailer? (trailer registration + blanket renewal) (State Regulations)

Does the trailer registration plate (tag) match the registration (tag) number indicated on the registration card? (state Regulations)

Does the trailer VIN number match the VIN number indicated on the registration card? (State Regulations)

When does the registration on the trailer expire?

Are the license plates (tags) on the trailer properly mounted and legible? (State Regulations)

Is the trailer equipment number on the vehicle and is it legible? (CFR49 390.21)

Is the electrical connection between the truck and trailer in good working condition? (CFR49 393.28)

Are the electrical wires are in good condition with no cuts or frays? (CFR49 393.28)

Are all trailer lights functioning properly, including but not limited to the license plate lamps? (CFR49 393.9)

Are all lighting device lenses in good condition? (CFR49 393.11)

Is there a 20lb fire extinguisher on the trailer and is it in proper operating condition? (monthly & annual inspections)

Are there mud flaps on the trailer if required? (State Regulation)

Using a tire gauge, check the tires for proper inflation. Are they within specifications? (CFR49 393.75)

Are the tires free of excessive wear and damage? Is the Tread Depth within allowable limits (4/32 Steer Axle, 2/32 others)? (CFR49 393.75)

Do the lug nuts appear to be tight on all of the wheels? (CFR49 393.205)

Are the rims in good condition with no bends or cracks? (CFR49 393.205)

is there a spare tire for the trailer?

Does the trailer frame appear to be free of any defects and in good general condition? (CFR49 393.201)

Are all items attached to the tank properly secured? (CFR49 393.100)

Are all Securement devices in good condition? (CFR49 393.104)

Is there DOT reflective tape on the trailer? (50% sides - 100% rear) (CFR49 393.13)

Is the paint on the trailer, the iron and on the equipment in good condition?

Is the high pressure iron certification current and are the certification bands in good, readable condition?

Do "Confined Space Warning" signs appear on or above all man hatches?

Are all man hatches closed and securely fastened?

Are sight glass tubes installed and in good clear condition?

Are hand rails on fixed ladders and on top of the tank in good condition, all welds free from cracks or other damage?

Are fixed ladders securely attached to the tank?

Are ladder and all rung/tread welds free from cracks or other damage?

Is ladder free from loose screws, bolts, or other metal parts?

Is ladder free of cracks, splits, broken uprights, or rungs/treads?

Are rungs/treads/steps free of grease and oil?

Other Deficiencies

Other Deficiencies

Other Deficiencies

Is this Vehicle Safe to Operate? (CFR49 396.7)

Audit Certification
Auditor signature

Auditor comments

Mechanics signature after repairs have been completed. Date repairs have been completed.

Mechanics comments / notes.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.