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Check Flex Sheet

  • Are Flex Sheets accurate?

  • Does this match their ESS records?

RMU Checks

  • Are staff loans being acknowledged?

  • Are all lost, stolen and damaged laptops being recorded correctly?

  • Are site incident reports being completed correctly?

  • Are lost/stolen laptops being shutdown in a timely fashion?

  • Are all 'Pool' laptop numbers correct, when compared to data in RMU?

Enter Device Numbers

  • Vintage 2009

  • Vintage 2010

  • Vintage 2011

  • Vintage 2012

  • Vintage 2013

  • Are all written off laptops being recorded correctly in the school's records? (Download report from RMU)

  • Can written off laptops be sighted? (Hardware write-offs)

  • Is a report of written off devices being produced annually for stocktake?

Incident Console Checks

  • Are all logged calls being actioned in appropriate time? (Open, parked and vendor calls)

eTrac Checks

  • Are all bookings and quotations being actioned in a timely fashion?

  • Is the TSO actioning outstanding calls? (Provide details)

  • Does eTrac and the IC reflect RMU inoperable device records?

Fleet Management Reports

  • What is the level of issues within the Fleet Management Report?

Operational Support Guide

  • Connect to wireless?

  • CD visual inspection?

  • IMM check?

  • InfraSight check?

  • AirWaves check?

TSO Folder

  • Is the TSO folder up-to-date?

Project Information

  • Is there any information to deliver? (Provide brief details)

Xsel Checks (if applicable)

  • Do all students have functioning laptops?

  • Do all teachers have functioning tablets?

  • Are there any broken laptops? (If 'yes' provide details of processes followed)

Annual Checks

  • Has the annual stocktake of devices been undertaken?

  • Are all Charters being uploaded and filed?

  • Are there any WH&S issues in relation to the TSO?

Student Enrolments

  • Is the TSO notified of new enrolments? (What actions are taken?)

  • Is the TSO notified of students leaving the school? (What actions are taken?)

Any Other Comments?

  • Are there any other comments you wish to add to this report?

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  • created for iAuditor by Cade R Wilde

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