Fire Prevention

  • Emergency exit lighting operable?

  • Evacuation plan displayed?

  • Extinguishers in place, clearly marked for type of fire?

  • Extinguishers recently serviced? (Check 6 monthly punch mark on tabs.)

  • Extinguishers clear of obstructions?

  • Extinguisher no more than 1200 mm max height & base not lower that 100 mm?

  • Indicator signs 2.1 m above floor level?

  • Adequate direction notices for fire exits?

  • Exit doors easily opened from inside?

  • Exits clear of obstructions?

Building Safety

  • Floor surfaces even and uncluttered?

  • Entry and walkways kept clear?

  • Intersections kept clear of boxes etc?

  • Stair and risers kept clear?

  • Are liquid spills removed quickly?

  • Are railings in good condition?

  • Are footpaths in good condition?

  • Loading area clean and tidy?

Work Benches

  • Clear of rubbish?

  • Tools not in use kept in place?

  • No damaged hand tools in use?

  • No damaged power tools in use?

  • Work height correct for the type of work and the employee?

  • No sharp edges?

6.0 - Rubbish Removal

  • 6.1 - Bins located at suitable points around site?

  • 6.2 - Bins emptied regularly?

  • 6.3 - Oily rags and combustible refuse in covered metal containers?

Storage Design and Use

  • Materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • Storage designed to minimise lifting problems?

  • Floors around racking clear of rubbish?

  • General condition of racks and pallets?

  • Racking marked with load limits?


  • Are they kept clean?

  • Are the floors around the machines kept clean?

  • Guards in good condition?

  • Starting and stopping devices within easy reach of operator?

  • Nothing stored in housing units or areas that pose a hazard?

  • Adequate work space?

  • Are LOTO procedures posted at equipment?

Electrical Safety

  • Cords free from damage?

  • Ground prongs in place?

  • Conduits and receptacles free of damage and secured in place?

  • Floor free from daisy chaining?

  • Portables cord loose and not secured to permanent structure?


  • Are all ladders Industrial strength? (Non Household rated, check label.)

  • Are ladders in good condition? If not - tag and remove from floor.

  • Used according to instructions?

Sign Off

  • On site representative

  • Auditor's signature

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