Section 1

1.1 Steward Name

1.2 Is the steward in-house or agency

Agency Name

Is the steward carrying out a licensable activity

Is the steward SIA licensed and displaying their ID

1.3 Steward Location

1.4 Did you attend the briefing

1.5 Do you know who is in overall control at the event

2. Training

Extract from the Green Guide and the General Safety Certificate B.2.4 All stewards shall be trained and assessed to a level 2 stewarding qualification within the National Qualifications Framework, or undergoing such training, and each steward shall be properly trained in his/her duties and in safety procedures in accordance with Sections B.2.7, B.2.9 and E.4.1 to ensure order and safety is maintained. Stewards should be fit and active with the maturity, character and temperament to carry out the duties required of them, and be able to understand and communicate verbal and written instructions in English. B.2.5 No steward shall be deployed at the ground until they have undertaken all aspects of the familiarisation and induction training covered by the induction module of the football authorities’ Training Package for Stewarding of football grounds or similar B.2.6 Stewards should not work unaccompanied until they have satisfied the following criteria: a) they have received training to provide the underpinning knowledge for the following units in the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Spectator Safety i) SKASS1 - Prepare for spectator events ii) SKASS1 - Prepare for spectator events iii) SKASS2 – Control the movement of spectators and deal with crowd issues at an event b) they have attended 4 events as a steward All stewards shall complete their training, assessment and qualification within 12 months thereafter

Have you had a site specific familiarisation/ tour of the stadium

2.2 Have you completed a Level 2 qualification in spectator safety

2.1.1 Have you worked at this stadium or similar events on more than 4 occasions

2.1.2 Is the steward accompanied

Are you registered on a Level 2 qualification in spectator safety

2.1.3 Have you completed your induction training (modules in notes above)

2.1.4 Is the steward accompanied

2.1.5 Have you worked at the stadium or similar event on more than 4 occasions

2.1.6 Is the steward accompanied

2.3 Do you consider your training to be satisfactory & are you comfortabler in your role

3. Competency Questions

Ask steward at least 2 role specific and 4 general questions

All Stewards

3.1 What action should you take if you need to leave your post?

3.2 What would you do if you identified illegal or anti-social behaviour

3.3 How would you respond to a challenging customer who is becoming increasingly aggressive

3.4 What would you do if you encountered what you considered to be a suspect package

3.5 Do you know what the National Terrorism guidance is in the event of a terrorist incident (Run, Hide, Tell)

3.6 Do you know the location of the nearest fire appliance?

3.7 Why should you not let spectators pass between stands?

3.8 Why is it important to check and monitor exit routes and that your area is generally safe

3.9 Do you know the location of the nearest evacuation chair?

3.10 Do you know what the general message to stewards is in the event of an incident where an evacuation maybe required. (Stewards to post)

3.11 Do you hold a copy of the stewards handbook


3.12 Do you know the location of the nearest loudhailer?

3.13 What would you do if you felt that your area was under resourced

3.14 If you were asked to release staff to another area, which positions would you insist must remain manned

Fire Stewards

3.15 What action would you take in the event of a fire?

3.16 What action would you take if the fire alarm activated

Search & Eject

3.17 What would you do if someone refused to be searched

3.18 Have you read the ground regulations. Are you aware of what is prohibited.

3.19 What would you do if you found an illegal or prohibited item.

Do you consider this person to be competent

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