Previous Project Inspection

  • Has the last job-site inspection been reviewed in preparation for this inspection?

  • Are there any outstanding corrective actions to be taken?

General Conditions

  • Perimeter fence in good condition?

  • Traffic control maintained?

  • Project signage posted?

  • Danger and caution tape maintained?

  • Adequate toilet facilities?

  • Drinking water and cups provided?


  • Appearance of job-site neat and orderly?

  • Passageways and walkways clear?

  • Projecting nails removed or bent over?

Power and Hand Tools

  • Are guards in place?

  • Have employees received tool operation training and training documentation verified?

  • Tools and cords in good condition?

  • All mechanical safeguards in place?

  • Right tools used for the job at hand?

  • PPE appropriate for the tools used?


  • Ladders secured to prevent movement?

  • Extension ladders extend at least 3 foot above landing?

  • Ladders used are in good condition?

  • Ladders used properly?

  • Has Ladder safety training been conducted with employees and documentation verified?

Fall Protection

  • Guardrails installed and maintained in good condition?

  • Personal fall arrest equipment in good condition?

  • Holes guarded and marked?

  • Fall protection equipment inspected?

  • Has fall protection training been conducted with employees and documentation verified?


  • Have employees received scaffold safety training and documentation been verified?

  • Scaffolds erected under supervision of a competent person?

  • Scaffold grade lumber used and planks have proper overlap?

  • Guys, ties and braces in place at 4:1 rule?

  • Guardrail system in place?

  • Access laddesrs in place?

  • Cross bracing in place?

  • Scaffold inspections completed each shift?

Fire Prevention and Protection

  • Fire extinguishers in place for general conditions and hot works?

  • Monthly and annual inspections completed?

  • Use of approved fuel/gasoline containers?

  • Has fire extinguisher training been conducted with all employees required to use extinguisher and training verified?

Excavations & Shoring

  • Shoring of adjacent structures adequate?

  • Banks of excavation sloped or shored correctly?

  • Spoil piles at least 2 feet from edge of excavation?

  • Access provided within 25 feet of employees in trenches?

  • Competent person on site?

  • Inspections performed?

  • Excavation safety training been conducted with employees and training documentation verified?


  • Backup alarms in place or signal person used?

  • Seatbelts used in all mobile equipment?

  • ROPS in good condition?

  • Daily inspections performed?

  • Operators trained and documentation verified?

Cranes and Rigging

  • Has the rigger received training and documentation has been verified.

  • Is there a competent person onsite?

  • Slings, hooks, shackles etc... in good condition?

  • Outriggers used?

  • Swing radius barricaded?

  • 20 foot distance from power lines maintained or lines de-energized?

  • Have all employees working around crane received training?


  • Respiratory program available?

  • Respiratory training, fit test and equipment inspection recording been conducted and documentation verified?

  • Personal Protection Equipment hazard assessment been conducted and documentation verified?

  • Hard hats worn by all employees?

  • Safety glasses used by employees?

  • Proper hand protection in place?

  • Proper footwear?

  • Hearing protection used?

  • Respiratory protection used?


  • GFCI's used and tested on all 110 outlets?

  • All extension cords 3 wire type, in good condition with ground pins?

  • All power panels labeled?

  • All panels have fronts and covers remain closed?

Welding and Cutting

  • Fire extinguisher at site of welding/cutting?

  • Use and storage of cylinders acceptable?

  • Housekeeping acceptable?


  • Treads and landings acceptable?

  • Handrails installed?

  • Temp lighting in stairways acceptable?

  • Housekeeping?

Aerial Lifts

  • Operators trained and documentation has been verified?

  • Equipment in good condition?

  • Gates and guardrails acceptable?

  • Lifts used properly?

Material Handling

  • Material stacked, racked, etc...?

  • Materials stored proper distance from floor openings?

Powder Actuated Tools

  • Employees trained and have card in possession?

  • Proper eye and face protection used?

  • Misfired cartridges properly disposed of?

  • Hearing protection used?

  • High noise signage posted in area?


  • Employee training records maintained?

  • First aid kits available and maintained?

  • MSDS sheets available for review?

Other Observations

  • Project employee/supervision concerns

  • Follow up/pre-planning items

  • Issues/comments

  • Vensure Safety Associate

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