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Jobsite documentation

Daily safety tailgate meetings taking place and reviewed with crew?

Rescue plan onsite and reviewed with crew?

Posting OSHA and other regulatory posters?

Current competent climbing cards up-to-date and available?

Are competent rigging cards available and up to date?

Current welding certifications on site?

Is there a minimum of 2 personnel certified in CPR/first aid?

First aid kit available?

Has an RF measurements been taken?

Does foreman have minimum OSHA 30 hr?

Do all crew members have minimum OSHA 10 hr?

Is an MSDS book onsite?

Is a 11x17 Stamped EOR drawings onsite?

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Fall protection

Has climbing harness been inspected and documented prior to use?

Ground person present for crew on tower?

100% fall protection used

Is work being done at ground level when crew is on tower?

Does crew have rescue kit/first aid at base of tower?

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Personal protective equipment

Head protection?

Proper work clothing including but not limited to long pants and shirts with sleeves and boots?

Eye protection in accordance to ANSI Z 87.1?

Are Hi visibility vests needed?

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Rigging and equipment

Is a rigging plan in place?

Is the rigging configuration onsite same as the provided documented plan?

Does crew know what max line Pull is according to onsite rigging plan?

Is everyone aware of heaviest pick for current day.

Has the rigging plan been reviewed by everyone onsite?

Has a 150% load test been preformed and documented prior to any lifts?

Has rigging been inspected?

Are blocks of adequate size and capacity for the job?

Slings that are being used of adequate size in working order with all tags legible?

Is cathead in good working order?

Are carabiners being used in the rigging?

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Is step ladder fully open and locked before climbing?

Ladder is a least 1ft away for every 4ft of height?

Ladder rails should extend at least 3ft above top landing?

Not climbing past the top 3 rungs or steps from the top?

Is ladder securely fastened or ground stakes used to prevent slipping?

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Fire protection

Designated fire watchers are on site?

In case of a fire who s the designated person to call 911?

Fire blankets in use and are 3000 degree NFPA 701?

Fire blankets covering coax etc...?

Is welding being done at base of structure while Ariel work is being done?

Fire watcher signature

Proper sized Waterwagon on site minimum 300 gallons?

Is additional water needed for aerial welding?

Proper size and quantity fire extinguishers present with current inspection tags minimum five 10 pound?

Interior of structure cleaned out and free of debris?

No more than one person welding at a time?

Was monopole scope done?

Cutting and welding plan on site and filled out?

Is hot work permit onsite and signed?

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Job site conditions

Worksite clean and free of debris?

Is there a clear path to the compound entrance?

Is work area blocked off to the public?

Are open holes barricaded? Caution tape is not sufficient.

Is excavation greater than 5 feet.

Is proper precautions taken to prevent cave-ins? Shoring benching etc...

All chemical flammable and combustible items identified?

Are proper gas cans being used? No plastic cans.

Are Overhead electrical lines present?

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Signature of foreman being audited
Signatures of General contractors being audited
Signatures of General contractors being audited
Signatures of General contractors being audited
Customer signature
Signature of auditor

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.