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  • IMPORTANT: any hazard which has been identified on this safety inspection form must be immediately eliminated or controlled (where possible). If immediate elimination or control is not possible, a hazard report form is to be submitted for each individual hazard

Emergency procedures

  • Are fire extinguishers current and charged?

  • Are emergency exits clear of obstructions?

  • Are emergency exits clearly marked?

  • Are evacuation diagrams clearly posted?

  • Are the muster area known to all employees, including new hires?

  • Is there an evacuation alarm (either visual or audible)?

  • Is the sprinkler system open and unblocked?

  • Are fire exit doors easily opened from the inside?


  • Are the wires out of the breaker box in good shape?

  • Is the area in front of the breaker box clear of obstructions?

  • Does the breaker box have proper signage?

  • Are extension cords properly used?

  • Have GFCIs been properly tested?

  • Is temporary lighting properly shielded?

  • Is grounding in place, including on temporary cords?

Lighting and passageways

  • Are all lights in good working order?

  • Are lighting areas clear of obstructions such as cobwebs?

  • Are all light fittings in good working order with no sign of burns?

  • Are walkways adequately lit?

  • Are aisles clear of stock and empty pallets?

  • Are aisles clearly marked?

  • Do intersections and stairs have an unobstructed vision?

  • Are loading area doors in good condition?


  • Are trash bins emptied regularly?

  • Are floors and aisles clear of rubbish?

  • Are workbenches clear of rubbish?

Work areas

  • Are any overhead hazards either marked or more than 7 feet high?

  • Are workbenches in good condition and stable?

  • Are all tools properly guarded?

  • Is shrink wrap removed from pick items?

  • Are spills and trip hazards properly attended to?

Forklifts and material moving equipment

  • Are forklifts clean and in good working order?

  • Are they stored out of the way?

  • Are fueling and charging areas clearly marked and safe?

  • Are forklift inspection forms available?


  • Are double stacked pallets in good condition and stable?

  • Are all racks and pallets in good condition?

  • Are flammable, toxic and caustic liquids stored properly?

  • Are there gas cylinders and are they properly secured?

  • Are stock items in pallet racking secured?

  • Is overhead storage load limit clearly marked?


  • Are all containers clearly labeled?

  • Is there an SDS for the appropriate chemicals?

  • Are all chemicals stored in appropriate containers?

  • If required is there an appropriate eye and body wash for chemicals?

First aid

  • Are first aid cabinets and content clean and orderly?

  • Are contents up to date and full?

  • Are cabinets easy to access?

General environment

  • Are all floor surfaces even with no trip hazards?

  • Are all floor openings covered?

  • Is warehouse equipment placed away when not in use?

  • Is air quality good? (No fumes, odours, dust or allergens)

  • Is PPE worn by staff when required?

  • If there is any evidence of water leaks has it been attended to?

  • Are walls and safety barriers in good condition?


  • Are toilets clean and hygienic?

  • Are dining areas clean and hygienic?

  • Are wash areas clean and hygienic?

  • Are change room and locker areas clean and hygienic?

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Corrective actions

  • If you have identified any hazards during this safety inspection, please comment below. <br>If immediate elimination or control is not possible, a hazard report form is to be submitted.

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