Job site Information

  • Are the OSHA poster and other applicable posters conspicuously posted?

  • Was the weekly safety meeting (Tool Box Talk) held and documented?

  • Is the first aid kit stocked and in a conspicuous and accessible location?

  • Are emergency locations and phone numbers posted?


  • Are the working areas generally neat and free of debris?

  • Is there ample access to, and use of, trash containers?

  • Is waste disposed of regularly?

  • Are passageways and walkways clear?

  • Is there adequate lighting?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

  • Have oil and grease been removed?

  • Are the sanitary facilities adequate and clean?

  • Is there an adequate supply of drinking water?

  • Are the floor openings covered or properly guarded? Marked, secured and adequate of supporting intended weight(s)?

  • Are slip, trip and fall hazards present?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are hard hats worn at all times?

  • Is proper eye protection worn at all times?

  • Is proper hearing protection used?

  • Is respiratory protection required and used properly?

  • Are proper work shoes and clothing being worn- includes high visibility vests/clothing?

  • Is fall protection required and if so, being used properly and inspected/good condition?

Fire Protection

  • Has an emergency action plan been developed for this site?

  • Have employees been instructed in fire policies and procedures?

  • Have fire extinguishers been inspected?

  • Are "no smoking" signs posted and rules enforced?

  • Is the route for emergency vehicles accessible?

Ladders and Scaffolds

  • Are ladders being used as per manufacturer specifications?

  • Are ladders in good condition?

  • Are ladders properly maintained and stored?

  • Do ladders extend 3' above landing and secured when using to access next level?

  • Are stepladders fully opened when in use?

  • Are extension ladders set up at a 4:1 ratio? Secured?

  • Are scaffolds properly erected, under the supervision of a competent person?

  • Are all connections secured?

  • Are scaffolds plumb and square, with all cross-bracing in place?

  • Are guardrails, mid rails and toe boards in place?

  • Are scaffolds tied to a structure?

  • Are foot sills and mud sills used?

  • Are workers protected from falling objects?

  • Is scaffold equipment properly maintained and in good order?

  • If equipped, are all wheels locked while in use?

Hand and Power Tools

  • Is the proper tool being used for the job?

  • Is a GFCI being used?

  • Ae tools properly maintained and stored?

  • Are tools inspected for defects?

  • Are damaged tools repaired or replaced immediately?

  • Do power tools have proper grounding?

  • Are all mechanical safeguards in use for power tools?

  • Are pipe stands, sawhorses or other approved device being used to prevent bending over and promote proper use of all tools?


  • Are cables free of frays, burrs and kinks?

  • Does the mast telescope freely?

  • Are the duct-lifts used within weight capacity?

  • Do lifts roll freely?


  • Is the identification plate present and legible?

  • Is the operator trained?

  • Was the daily inspection completed?

  • Seatbelts in use?

  • Back up alarm functioning?

Aerial Work Platforms

  • Is the operator trained?

  • Inspection completed and documented?

  • Fall protection used?

  • Manufacturers placard legible?

  • Guard chain or entry gate in place?

Flammable Gases and Liquids

  • Are containers properly labeled?

  • Are gases and chemicals stored properly?

  • Are there adequate fire extinguishers nearby?

  • Are approved containers being used?

  • Do stored gas bottles have regulators removed and safety caps on?

Trenching and Excavations

  • Are trenches more than 4' deep present on the job?

  • Has soil been classified?

  • Are correct protective measures in place?

  • Is there a suitable means of egress within 25' of all employees?

Other comments

  • Person conducting inspection

  • On site representative

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