General Safety

All required Posters, Paperwork, posted in a visible location, and up to date?

Has the previous Inspection Report been distributed through Share Point?

Are there any outstanding issues which have not been addressed?

Has the (JHA) Job Hazard Analysis been updated for today?

Last JHA update posted:

Are Toolbox Talks being performed through the UIG safe work application?

Topic covered today?

Employees wearing all required PPE (gloves, hi-viz, glasses, hardhats, etc)?

Signage & Barricades in place where required?

All employees wearing appropriate rated footwear for tasks today?

Are employees wearing hearing protection when noise levels are in excess of 85 dBa?

dBa Measurement during Visit:

Is the Uni-pack spill kit available and fully stocked?

Are there portable restrooms for the site? Are there at least (1) portable restroom for every (10) workers?

Condition of restroom

Is there a designated smoking area?

Is smoking debris properly disposed of?

Chemical Safety

Have all materials/chemicals been labeled using the NFPA labels)?

Have safety data sheets been updated for new products in inventory? Spot check (3):

Is PPE being used as required (respirators, masks, etc)?

Safety Center
Picture of Safety Center
Add drawing

Is the eyewash station on the safety board, and within the manufacturers expiration date?

Is the safety center board in place, painted and within (75) ft of work force?

Is SDS information on the safety board and current?

Is the first aid kit available and stocked?

Is the blood borne pathogen kit available and stocked?

Is all spare PPE available and fully stocked?

Clean-up & Housekeeping

Are entries walkways and drive lanes kept clear?

Stairs kept clear and free of debris?

Bins emptied regularly?

Oily rags and combustible refuse stored in covered metal containers?

Bins or Dumpsters located at suitable points around Jobsite?

Trenches, Excavations & Openings

Trenches & Excavations are barricades as required? (Barricade 6ft from any open excavation) Controlled Access Zone when required?

Protective systems in place as required (trench boxes, etc)

Air monitoring for all areas of work which are considered confined spaces, or areas containing airborne contaminants?

Excavations adequately benched, with spoils away from sides?

Adequate access/egress provided? (Within 75ft)

Have all openings, holes, etc been covered & marked as necessary?

Re-Bar Caps in use where necessary?

Fall Protection

Is perimeter protection in place where necessary?

Personal Fall Arrest systems in use where required (all work over 6ft)?

Are Harnesses in good condition, and recently inspected?

Are all Lanyards, Retractables, etc clearly marked with weight limits and other required info?

Are PFAs being correctly fitted, attached, and used?

Personal Fall Arrest anchor points adequate?

Equipment & Machinery

Are trucks and equipment smoke and ash free?

Wheels on Foreman's truck chocked?

Back-up Alarms working correctly?

Adequate roll-over protection provided?

Seatbelts installed and functional on all Equipment?

All Equipment inspections completed & filed?

Rigging & Equipment inspections complete prior to any lifts?

Load calculations clearly posted in each piece of equipment?

Fuel stored in proper containers?

Air scrubbers or other equipment in use where required?

Fire Prevention & Protection

Hot Work Permits received and posted for all work requiring them?

Evacuation Plans displayed & visible?

Emergency contact form complete and posted?

Photo of form

Fire Extinguishers located throughout areas of work, and freely accessible?

Fire Extinguishers fully charged, and recently certified?

Fire Extinguishers located within reach where any hot-work is being performed?

Bottles/Cylinders properly stored?

Area around Temp Heaters or similar equipment clear?


Temp or Permanent Lighting adequate (meets OSHA standards, at a minimum)?

Temp Lighting connections secure, and covered?

Electrical Cords in good condition?

All tools & equipment powered via GFCI Protected circuits?

All Panels, Boxes, etc secured and covered?

Power Tools
Power Tools?

Power Tools in good working order?

Guards/Shields functional?

Powder Actuated Tools in good condition, with appropriate signage in place?

Required training for all Personnel using Powder Actuated Tools?

Welding & Cutting?
Welding & Cutting?

Cylinders stored properly?

Hoses in good condition?

Adequate shielding provided?

Fire Blankets used where necessary?

Ladders & Scaffold
Ladders & Scaffold?

Ladders tied-off?

Ladders extended 3ft above all landings?

All Ladders adequately rated for use?

Ladders used correctly (not standing on top rung, leaning against walls, etc)?

Non-conductive Ladders used for Electrical Work?

Extension Ladders - All ropes, pulley, etc in good condition?

Scaffold installed on solid, level ground?

Bracing adequate?

Planking adequate, with proper material used?

Guardrails in place, and at proper elevation?

Adequate access/egress provided?

Fall Protection in use for all Aerial Lifts?

Stairways (Permanent or Temporary)
Stairways (Permanent or Temporary)?

Pans filled?

Stairs free and clear of debris?

Handrail/Guardrail in place?

Steel Erection
Steel Erection?

Floor Decked as required?

Perimeter protection in place?

Fall Protection in use where required?

Roof Operations
Roof Operations?

Perimeter Protection in place?

Rooftop Operation Plans developed, posted, and accessible for all personnel working on the Roof?

Adequate anchor points provided?

Observations and notes:

GoCodes Inventory
Does the site crew have any asset purchases since the last visit?

What was purchased and tagged into the asset inventory today?

Foreman's approval of accuracy:
Completed by the Safety Manager: