• Document No.

  • Site Name:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by (Engineers Name)

  • Location
  • Pictures of the site

Back of House Information:

Communications (BT / Link from PFS)

  • Is there a BT Line Installed

  • Has a Link from PFS or any other building been supplied and working

  • is there a DP installed (Normally in the electrical area)

  • Has Networking been done from Back of House to the POS area

  • Provide Image of Back of House Network Cabinet

PC / Printer / Modem

  • Have you installed the PC

  • Show Evidence

  • Have you installed the Printer and done a test Page

  • Show evidence

  • Have you installed the Modem

  • Show Evidence of the Modem install

  • If there are any issues please state in this section

POS Area

Shop Area

  • What type of Store is this ?

Drive Through Window Counter

  • WS03 has been installed

  • WS04 has been installed

  • Has this station been tested

  • Please State reasons why this has not been tested

  • Images of completed install for the Drive Through Counter

WS01 and WS02

  • Has WS01 been installed?

  • Why has this not been done or finished

  • Has WS02 been installed?

  • Why has this not been done or finished

  • Images of WS01 and WS02

  • Do you have any issues that needs to be reported

  • What Issues do you have ?

  • Images of issues

Final Sign Off

Final Sign Off

  • Are you happy with the install

  • Why are you not happy with the install

  • Does the site need additional works to be carried out

  • Describe what is required


  • Please sign this document

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