Previous Reports

  • Has the previous report been reviewed?

  • Have all actions from previous report been closed out?

General Site conditions

  • Are walkways clear from obstructions?

  • Are vehicles segregated from pedestrians were ever possible?

  • Adequate signage?

  • Adequate welfare facilities, clean, tidy and maintained?

  • Hand tools in good order?

  • Are materials stored safely?

Qualification of Scaffolders?

  • Is the scaffold being erected under the directions of a competent person?

  • Do all scaffolders hold a current CISRS Part 1 Card?

  • Do all scaffolders hold a current CISRS System scaffolding certificate for system been erected?

  • Do all scaffolders hold PASMA Cards for Mobile aluminium /GRP towers?

Erection Process

  • Site specific Method Statement/Risk Assessment briefed and understood?

  • Rescue plan briefed and understood?

  • Have scaffolds been designed or built as per TG20?

  • Is there evidence that the scaffolds are erected as per SG4 2010?

  • Are Scafftags completed and displayed?

  • Are all compulsory signs displayed (Scaffold incomplete etc)?

  • Scaffolders wearing safety harnesses?

  • Scaffolders clipping on as required?

  • Only scaffolders modifying scaffolds?

  • Is the scaffold on base plates?

  • Are soul plates level, sound and rigid and minimum dimension 450mm x 225mm?

  • Is the scaffold plumb and squared?

  • Correct fittings used?

  • All bracing installed?

Means of access?

  • Staircase?

  • External Tower with single internal ladder?

  • External Tower with multiple internal ladders?

  • Internal ladder with trap door on working platform.?

  • External ladder and gate?

Anchorage systems / scaffold ties

  • No ties required?

  • Ring (Hilti)?

  • Screw plug?

  • Chemical anchors?

  • Self tapping (Excalibur)?

  • Through ties?

  • Reveal ties (Max 50%)?

  • Rakers and butt ties?

  • Buttress, if used must be designed?

  • Ties tested (Min 5% as per TG4 11?

Working platforms and edge protection

  • Are all working platforms fully boarded?

  • Are scaffold boards secured (TG 12)?

  • Height to handrail, minimum 950mm?

  • Minimum height of toe board 150mm?

  • Intermediate handrail fitted ensuring no gap greater than 470mm?

  • Are all materials stored safely and scaffolds not overloaded?

  • Are brick guards in place and secure?


  • Comments



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