1.0 - Calibration, Identification, and Preservation

  • 1.1Physically review calibration labels on tools, leak check carts, sniffers, test setups or test tooling, etc. Are the devices are in calibration? (SPX-00000065

  • 1.2 Are labels on shelves/cabinets/etc. consistent with the items that they hold? (SPX-00001700)

  • 1.3 Are piece parts/assemblies stored, used, and assembled in a way that prevents damage? (SPX-00000064)

  • 1.4 Is nonconforming hardware identified per SPX-00008172, traceable to an issue ticket?

  • 1.5 Is nonconforming hardware located in the MRB specified location? (SPX-00000067)

  • 1.6 Is nonconforming hardware properly scanned and traceable to its location? (SPX-00000067)

  • 1.7 Are issue tickets correctly associated with the corresponding WO(s)? (SPX-0000067)

  • 1.8 Are perishable items within their expiration date and stored per environment controls on packaging? (SPX-00001928)

2.0 - Work Order / Process Evaluation

  • 2.1 Does work order travel match the hardware? WO/PN/SN/Rev

  • 2.2 QA buyoffs appropriate? Are steps eligible for Authorized Oversight buy off?

  • 2.3 Are WO instructions clear and concise? Correct P/Ns and spelling etc? Easy to follow?

  • 2.4 Work order of operations appropriate to build the hardware without deviation?

  • 2.5 Are required documents referenced on WO instructions and is the latest revision in use?

  • 2.6 Is required PPE available in the area and included on WO instructions?

  • 2.7 Does the work order specify appropriate packaging and handling methods?

3.0 - Tooling

  • 3.1 Is tooling identified with an approved tooling placard per SPX-00000064

  • 3.2 Is tooling/equipment stored in a way that prevents damage to all tooling/hardware/etc. and meets area requirements? (SPX-00000064)

  • 3.3 Is production equipment validated for use (upon 1st use or after changes) and up to date on preventive maintenance, with records available? (SPX-00008511)

  • Does equipment or tooling need maintenance or repair? (SPX-00008511)

4.0 - FOD Prevention

  • 4.1 Verify that all personnel is aware of and following clean room requirements per Section IV.2 (SPX-00022801)

  • 4.2 Have all non-process items and equipment removed from the work stations? (Empty boxes, food, coffee cups, etc.) SPX-00001365.

  • 4.3 Evaluate all test areas. All lines pre purged with GN2 prior hook up to any test article? (SPX-00022801)

  • 4.4 Are the required FOD control items in place and correct quantity? (FOD Bags, trash, receptacles, sticky mats, etc.)

  • 4.5 Are all tools arranged logically and positioned in the allocated and clearly marked spots ( markings, shadow boards, etc.) (SPX-00001365)

5.0 - Familiarization

  • 5.1 Interview 2 technicians for awareness of the SpaceX Quality Policy and how their job tasks support it. (SPX-00001913)

  • 5.2 Interview two employees in the area. Are they aware of the fire extinguisher location and emergency escape routes? (SPX-00023485)

  • 5.3 Interview two employees in the area. Are they familiar with the Spacex Emergency Action Plan? (SPX-00023485, OSHA 1910.38 (a) )

  • 5.4 Evaluate the work area. Is the area free from personnel safety risks?

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