Follow up

Have issues/recommendations raised in previous audit been addressed?

Site welfare

Is everyone on site signing in and out?

Are all visitors to site being inducted?

Are the induction forms being completed, including CSCS card numbers?

Are all contractors being made aware of asbestos on site, if applicable?

Is the site noticeboard still up-to-date?

Has a temporary electrical installation certificate been issued?

Is the up-to-date programme displayed?

Are the latest revisions of the drawings on site?

Have all measurements been taken from the datum point as set out in the GA (and has this been checked by the SM)?

Are all contractors RAMS signed by the operatives?

Is site paperwork (eg means of escape/fire extinguisher/site safety inspection forms) up-to-date?

Are permits to work being issued where needed?

Have there been any accidents or near misses on site?

Is the first aid kit fully stocked?

Are the site office, canteen & toilets all clean & tidy?

Is there enough soap, toilet paper & blue towels?

Site specific hazards

Have there been any asbestos removal works?

If so, has a clean air certificate (licensed removal) or reoccupation certificate (non-licensed removal) been issued?

Are there any planned lifting works and, if so, is there a lifting plan in place?

Are there are roof/high level works which require site specific working at height risk assessments?

Please include picture of safely isolated electrical circuits (lock off device, padlock and signage where possible)
Site compound

Is the compound secure?

Is pedestrian/traffic segregation in place?

Is the site compound clear of rubbish?

Are skips being emptied as needed?

Is there smoking only in designated area?

Working at height

Has the scaffold / tower scaffold been erected by a PASMA trained operative?

Is there valid inspection documentation available for the scaffold?

Is the access equipment/MEWP/Cherry-picker suitable for the task?

If harnesses are being used, are they the correct type and being used correctly?

Do the operators have the correct ticket for the equipment they are using?

Are the machines isolated when not in use? (key in site hut and not left in machine)

Are the machines in serviceable condition?


Are all contractors wearing required PPE?

Are all contractors wearing Principal Contractor branded hi-vis vests?

Is the unit clean & tidy, and free from rubbish?

Slips, trips & falls - any concerns?

Are the electrics isolated correctly and barriered off?

Are all emergency routes clear & free of obstructions?

Is there adequate fire exit signage?

Are the fire points compliant? (in line with site set up info pack)

Noise, vibration & hot works

Are excavations being carried out under a Permit to Work system, barriered off and covered?

Are good manual handling practices being used?

Is appropriate lifting equipment provided where necessary?

Are all portable appliances fit for purpose and PAT tested?

Is exposure to noise & vibration being kept to a minimum?

Is suitable PPE being worn? eg ear defenders, eye protection, gloves

Hot works - is the area segregated and fire extinguisher in place?

Are pressurised gases being used correctly within the premises?

Where used, are heaters safe & set up in a clear area? (good ventilation, segregation from combustible materials)

Miscellaneous items

Are client direct contractors abiding by the site rules?

Are the works running to programme?

Have client or client's representative carried out any audits?

Where an audit has been carried out, are there any points that need addressing?

Recommendations/Action Points for the Site Manager

Progress photos
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.