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Audit Area

  • Frame Loading

  • Hanging

  • Packing


  • Is everything Stored in its proper place?

  • Is the Lighting correct and adequate?

  • Are Control Panels free from damage?

  • Are the Walls free of damage and no spider webs present?

  • Are Waste and Trash containers being handled properly?

  • Are Columns and building structures free of damage and spiderwebs?

  • Is the Propane storage area acceptable?


  • Are Electrical panels closed and locked?<br>

  • Does the Electrical panel have at least 3' of clearance in front?

  • is Electrical shock PPE is evident?

  • Are extension cords used for temporary means only?

  • Are extension cords defect free?

  • Are extension cords attached to building surfaces or concealed behind walls, ceilings or floors?


  • Are Walkways and aisle ways clear and unobstructed?

  • Is any restricted Access clearly posted?

  • Is controlled Access being properly utilized?

  • Are Exits clear and unobstructed?

  • Are Walkways and aisle ways free from trip and slip hazards?


  • Are all Extinguishers in their proper location, available and unobstructed?

  • Are all Extinguishers properly charged?

  • Are all extinguishers properly inspected and sealed?

  • Is trash or other combustible material present?

  • Are flammable materials stored correctly?


  • Are all Chemicals properly stored?

  • Is proper Chemical PPE available?

  • Is proper Chemical PPE being used?

  • Are work instructions for handling Chemicals available and being followed?

  • Are all containers properly and clearly marked?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets available and up to date?


  • Are Emergency Exits properly marked?

  • Are Emergency Exits clear and unobstructed?

  • Are the Emergency Evacuation routes posted?

  • Are Emergency contact numbers posted?

  • Are Emergency eye wash and shower stations clear and unobstructed?

  • Are Emergency eye wash and shower stations operable?

  • Are Emergency eye wash and shower stations being peoperly inspected?


  • Are stairs free from clutter and other potential hazards

  • Are ladders properly marked?

  • Do all ladders have proper feet?


  • Are truck daily inspections up to date and defect free?

  • Is proper PPE available for changing fuel?

  • Is proper PPE being used when changing fuel?

  • Are fuel storage racks locked?

  • Are full and empty bottles properly stored in fuel storage area?

  • Are fuel bottles cut off when not in use?

  • Is Forklift operator's seat belt in good shape and fastened?

  • Is Forklift being driven at a safe speed?

  • Is the load positioned properly and safely?

  • Are forks at the proper location when traveling?


  • Is the load capacity posted on the Racks and/or shelves?

  • Is the Load within the posted capacity?

  • Do the pallets fit the Racks correctly?

  • Are the Racks free from defects / visible damage/ improper storage?

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