Outside of Building

Car Park -

Front Entrance

Main Reception

Costa Coffee

Clip n Climb inc briefing room

Beach Area

Leisure Pool & Surrounds

Flume Tower

Comp Pool & Surrounds

Outdoor Rapids

Lido & Surrounds


Wetchange WC

Disabled Toilets - Wetside

Group Changes

1st Aid Room

Baby Change Units

Male Members Change

Female Members Change

Members Disabled Change

Health Suite Pool


Steam Room


Office Corridor

Staff Room


Main Hall Corridor

Toilets by Creche

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Cycle Studio

Studio 1 corridor

Main Hall

Main Hall Stores

Squash Courts

Drychange & Toliets

Squash corridor

Outdoor Change - inc doors locked

Bin Store

Outdoor Pitches - Goals weighted down, hockey goals secure

Tennis Courts

Terrace Area

Staff only corridor - must be clear


Hot Stairwell (to pool viewing)

Stairwell to Gym

Main Hall Balcony inc corridors


Gym Corridor (to pool viewing)

Unisex Toilets

Pool Viewing

Upstairs corridors

Beauty Rooms

Physio Rooms

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