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External lighting.

  • Check for failed or flickering lamps or signs of deterioration.

  • Measure the lighting levels using a Lux Level Meter and record the results in the notes section. Report any deficiencies and recommend appropriate action.

  • Check externally for security and signs of arcing or overheating. (Renew or re-fix as necessary)

  • Check operation and compatibility with lamp.

  • Check operation of all switches in relation to the outside lighting and signs.

  • Check function and operation of any lighting control contactors.

  • Ensure that lamp circuits operate at the correct times, both for normal operation and for extended on/off periods.

  • Check integrity and report to the office if renewal is necessary. Picture of the fitting in question, its location height and load size are MANDATORY.


  • Check integrity of the signage and report to the office if renewal is necessary

  • Check for failed or blackened tubes or lamps within the signage. Replace as necessary.

  • Tube or lamp colour within the signage should conform with the original colour specification.

  • Redundant tubes have been disposed of in a lamp coffin at the wholesalers and NOT returned to the yard, at the end of the working day.

  • If the signage has Cold Cathode Tubes, check for faulty tubes of low brightness. Replace or re-process as necessary.

  • Disposal and/or re-processing of Cold Cathode Tubes (particularly mercury tubes) must be in accordance with statutory regulations.

  • Where replacement of a single tube reveals a loss of brightness in the remaining tubes, consideration must be given to block replacement or re-processing. Has this happened on any of the signs at this station and if so record the information below?

  • Check the correct operation of the control gear for the signage. Is it working correctly?

  • If parts are to be replaced this should be done on a like for like basis and the evidence recorded below.

  • Check the security of the fittings. This includes gear trays and signage covers.

  • Where corrosion has occurred picture evidence MUST be recorded along with measurements of the signage

  • Has the signage been left in a clean and tidy condition, finger print free and in full working order?

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