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Emergency Lighting.

  • If automatic testing devices are used , the results of the full rated duration test should be recorded. Is this the case, are they self testing units?

For all other systems the following additional tests are to be made.

  • Ensure each luminaire has been tested to its full rated duration in accordance with the manufacturers instructions

  • The supply of the normal lighting should be restored and any indicator lamp or device checked to ensure that it is showing that normal supply has been restored.

  • Visually inspect each luminaire for damage.

  • Ensure the date of the test and the results are recorded in the log book

Ensure any failures for the above questions are documented on the drawings provided, pictures are taken and the materials listed.


  • Check the condition of the battery and the date of expected life. Battery type and size should be carefully recorded for each fitting.

SFG20 Lighting fittings including luminaires general

  • Are all lamps free from a build up of dust and dirt?

  • Check all tungsten filament lamps for failure or signs of deterioration

  • Check all LED lamps for failure, signs of deterioration or overheating

  • Check all fluorescent lamps for failure or signs of deterioration

  • Check all discharge lamps for failure or signs of deterioration

  • Are all illuminance levels in line with the design specification and/or any local requirements or regulations?

  • Check all security fixings and suspensions

  • Check cable connections externally for security and signs of arcing or overheating

  • Check flexible down leads and connectors for signs of deterioration

  • Clean and correctly adjust all diffusers and reflectors before re-assembly

  • Check lamp control gear operation and compatibility

  • Check operation of all switches

  • Check function and operation of any lighting control contactors

  • Check that all lamp circuits operate at correct times, both for normal operation and for extended on/off periods

SFG20 Hand Dryers.

  • Check all wiring to the appliance, including lead, plug and terminal connections for signs of overheating and physical damage of insulation (tighten connections as necessary) Any failures are to have a detailed record attached to this section and pictures taken.

  • Check motor bearings for noise. Any failures are to have a detailed record attached to this section and pictures taken.

  • Carry out the earth continuity test and insulation resistance test and record the results. For each circuit the DB - Circuit reference & device size are to be recorded in the answers section of this question

SFG20 Battery Charging Equipment

  • Clean all external & internal dust from the equipment. Check the paintwork for damage or corrosion, clean and repaint as necessary.

  • Inspect the insulation for damage or signs of overheating and make good.

  • Check the equipment itself for signs of damage or signs of overheating. Check all items are securely fixed. Ensure there is a fire fighting appliance within the area that can be used.

  • Check the contacts, clips or clamps are clean and smear lightly with petroleum jelly, clean shrouds (if fitted)

  • Check the cable terminations for tightness.

  • Check the earth cable terminations for tightness.

  • Check the conduit and gland terminations for tightness.

  • Check the operation and function of the indicator lamps and record any issues.

  • Check the operation of the ammeter and voltmeter and record any issues.

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