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  • Has the shop floor been recovered to a high standard form previous days trade?

  • Is the backroom clean and organised?

  • Has the floor been mopped and vacuumed?

  • Are all mirrors and glass clean?

  • Is the VM signage and fixtures neatly stored and organised in the backroom?

  • Is the counter clean and organised?

  • Are mannequin bases dust free?

  • Has rubbish been taken out?

  • Are the fitting rooms clean?

  • Is security tagging correct and consistent?

  • Are refills being actioned correctly and completed within a timely manner?

  • Are styles being maintained in correct size order?

  • Is the jewellery excess clean and organised?

  • Is SALE neat and correctly refilled?


  • Has layout been implemented according to brief?

  • Are bays in wardrobes correctly set up according to brief?

  • Are fixtures correctly positioned in their zones?

  • Are accessories correctly placed on the shop floor?

  • Is the accessory area neat and refilled?

  • Are the jewellery cabinets clean and correctly merchandised to brief?

  • Have mannequins been updated correctly according to brief?

  • Has a floor walk been actioned with the SM/ASM?


  • Are stock levels at optimum?

  • Is there an appropriate amount of sale on the shop floor?

  • Is there an appropriate amount of sale in the back room?

  • Have all stock concerns been communicated with Sarina and Amy?


  • Has all management been trained in VM? If not, what training has been scheduled?


  • Is there any outstanding maintenance concerns? Have these been communicated to appropriate department?


  • Have all concerns been raised with RM and National VM Manager?


  • Overview from outside - Please attach Photo.

  • Windows - Please attach Photo.

  • Backroom and Offsite - Please attach Photo.

  • Area 1 - Please attach Photo.

  • Area 2 - Please attach Photo.

  • Maintenance Photos - Please attach Photos.

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