• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Date and Time Inspection required

  • Business Name

  • Contact Details

  • Manager or Person Interviewed


  • House Number

  • Lot Number

  • Street

  • Suburb


Management of Premises

  • Are you aware of your environmental obligations as a business owner?


  • Can you identify the location or stormwater pits/drains on the property?<br><br><br>

  • Do you regularly clean stormwater pits, drains and trenches?<br><br><br>

  • Evidence of sediment pollution?<br><br><br>

  • Evidence of oil pollution?<br><br><br>

Storage of Liquids

  • Are liquids stored undercover in a bunded area?<br><br><br>

  • Do you have clean-up equipment (brooms/absorbents etc) stored on-site?<br><br><br>


  • Do you have any on-site wastewater treatment devices (eg oil/water separator)?<br><br><br>

  • Do you have a trade waste permit with Sydney Water?<br><br><br>


  • Location of waste facilities<br><br><br>

  • Add drawing

  • Oil and oil contaminated parts?<br><br><br>

  • Do you recycle any materials?<br><br><br>

  • Are staff aware of recycling facilities?<br><br><br>

  • Do you provide ash-trays for staff/customers?<br><br><br>

Hazardous Materials

  • Do you have any chemicals on-site?<br><br><br>

  • Do you have current Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for these chemicals?<br><br><br>

  • Do you have an inventory of hazardous materials?<br><br><br>

Air and Noise

  • Does you business have any air emissions?<br>a. Smoke b. Dust c. Odours d. Fumes/Vapours Other________________<br><br><br>

  • Do you have any air quality control devices (eg air filters etc) on-site?<br><br><br>

  • Is equipment regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that it is operating effectively?<br><br><br>

  • Is noise from your business audible from outside the premises?<br><br><br>

  • Are there any noise mitigation measures in place?<br><br><br>

  • Do you regularly check/carry out maintenance on noisy equipment?<br><br><br>

Energy and Water

  • Do you monitor energy and water use?<br><br><br>

  • Do you know how much energy your business consumes annually?<br><br><br>

  • Would you know how much water your business consumes annually?<br><br><br>

  • Do you know how much your business pays for energy each year?<br><br><br>

  • Have you installed energy efficient devices or appliances?

  • Do you fix leaking taps and fittings?<br><br><br>

  • Are your taps fitted with aerators?<br><br><br>

  • Inspectors Name

  • Signature

  • PO Box 155, Shellharbour City Centre 2529 -Phone 02 4221 6111 -Fax 02 4221 6016 -Email -Web -DX 26402 Shellharbour City Centre

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