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订单管理 Order Management

  • 1. 收到询单后,是否有评审?Is there any review after receiving the inquiry?

  • 2. 是否没有口头订单等非正式订单?Are there no informal orders such as oral orders?

  • 3. 询单评估后,如何转化为内部通知?How to convert an inquiry into an internal notice after it is evaluated?

  • 4. 订单评审是否包含主要部门?Does the order review include key departments?

  • 5. 订单评审是否包含准入许可?Does the order review include approval?

  • 6. 订单评审时如何制定交期?How to set delivery date in order review?

  • 7. 客户对订单有修改时,是否通知到相关部门?如何通知?Does the changes of order by customer inform the relevant department? How to notify?

  • 8. 订单是否有转化成生产通知?检查生产计划。Are orders converted into production notices? Review the production plan.

  • 9. 是否整理销售清单?Are sales lists organized?

  • 10. 订单完成后,是否对订单产品进行备货申请?After the order is completed, do you apply for stocking of the ordered products?

顾客财产 Customer Property

  • 是否有顾客财产?Is there customer property?

  • 是否有《顾客财产统计表》?Is there a customer property statistics table?

  • 是否和顾客签订财产合同?包括:存放、保存环境,保存期限,丢失损坏赔偿或保密协议等?Do you sign property contracts with customers? Including: storage, storage environment, storage period, loss damage compensation or confidentiality agreement, etc.?

投诉与反馈 Complaint and Feedback

  • 1. 收到客户反馈时,是否填写《客户反馈接收表》并发给质量部?When receiving customer feedback, do you fill in customer feedback receiving Form and send it to quality department?

  • 2. 调查结束后,是否给把调查结果通知给客户?填写《客户反馈处理表》?Will the client be informed of the investigation results after the investigation? Fill in customer Feedback Processing Form?

  • 3. 是否有年度《客户反馈信息收集汇总》?Is there an annual customer feedback collection summary?

  • 4. 是否有年度《客户满意度调查》?Is there an annual customer Satisfaction survey?

样品申请 Sample Application

  • 寄送样品前,是否有填写《样品寄送申请单》?Is the sample sending Application form filled out before sending samples?

验厂或验货 Inspection of Factory or Goods

  • 1. 是否有《验货申请单》/《验厂申请单》和《接待申请表》?Do you have the Inspection Application Form/Factory Inspection Application Form and Reception Application Form?

  • 2. 是否全程跟踪?Is it tracked all the way?

  • 3. 客户验厂结果是否有及时跟踪并反馈?Are customer audit results followed up and fed back in time?

  • 4. 当有不符合项时,是否有把整改证据提交客户来关闭不符合?Are corrective evidence submitted to customer to close nonconformities when there are nonconformities?

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