Entrance light hallway

Door Frame and door clean (with weather stripping)

Exit plan correct and clean

Door latch, stopper & peephole functional and clean

DND Sign

Wall Door Stopper in place

AC Vent clean and ceiling clean


Closet door clean and works well

Safe clean and unlocked --free of personal belongings

Hangers (5 mens, 5 ladies, 2 satin)

Laundry bags and tickets (1 each)

Iron Clean and free of water

2 Bathrobes on Hangers

Extra Pillow, Linens and blanket in plastic bag (not for doubles)

Ironing board with cover clean and neat

Luggage Rack

Vanity table and bench clean and in good shape (If applicable)

Vanity Area Make up mirror and Vanity lights working (if applicable)

A/C Vent clean and in good shape (if applicable)

Desk Area

Desk Chair clean

Desk clean and free of debris (inside drawer and on top)

Phone clean, faceplace, and working correctly

Electrical cords neat and organized (wrapped or in holder under desk)

Notepad/Pen in front of phone(s)

Concierge Book, Room Service Menu, Magazine and Appendium present and in good shape

Lamps clean and in good shape (fenials and working)


Shears/Blackout drapes clean and in good shape along with wands

Sliding Glass Door/Window Locked and operational

Sliding glass door/window clean (top and bottom)

Balcony clean and free of debris--(railings, floor, walls etc)

Balcony Furniture Correct --2 chairs, 1 table -proper positioning

Living Room Bed Area

Refridgerator clean and defrosted

Ice Bucket w/tray and liner present and clean

2 Water glasses w/coasters present and clean

2 Bottled waters with signage

Coffee Maker clean (in the armoire area)

Coffee Set up (2 coffee cups, creamer kits, stirrers)

Coffee (1 regular and 1 decaf)

AC set at 72

Return Vents clean in ceiling and sprinkler not obstructed

Night Stand free of debris--Gideons Bible only in drawer

Electrical cords are wrapped and or placed in holder under night stand

Clock radio, correct time, battery present, and alarm not set

Lamps and Lamp Shades clean and operational (cords neat, fenials in place etc)

Room Service Breakfast Card on bed

Bed made with fresh linens and looks well

Proper pillows and bedding (triple sheet, insert, feather pillows)--feather products

Hskp Card in room with name of room attendant who cleaned room

Underneath bed/armoire/desk clean and free of debris

Headboard clean and post in good shape --Fenials in place

TV working and free of debris

Remote control for TV nd DVD players clean and in working conditions (both on armoire)

Armoire in good shape, dust free and drawers clear of any personal items

Sofa clean and in good shape

Ottoman clean and free of smugdes and no damage


Bathroom door and frame

Door Mirror clean and streak free

Bathroom ceiling

Bathroom wall

Sink/counter clean and free of debris

Sink faucet and basin clean and free of smudges etc

Toilet clean and functional (toilet seat, caps, screws, and caulking in good shape)

Bathroom floor clean

Toilet tissue on roll at least 3/4 full with sticker/embossed and extra roll present

Shower/Tub Faucet clean and functional

Tub/Shower clean (walls, ceiling, glass, threshold)

Shower head clean

Shower curtain liner clean and seperated and or shower glass is clean and spot free

Bath mat clean and presented correctly

Bath Towel, Hand Towel, and Washcloths (3 set for king and 4 for doubles) clean and presented correctly

Facial soap on counter

Amenity tray w/ Cond, Shampoo, Lotion

Kleenex square box (maybe on make up desk in some rooms)

Hair Dryer in bag, clean, wrapped neatly and free of debris--under sink (or in closet for some rooms)

A/C vent, ceiling free of debris and clean

Bath Gel in Soap dish in shower

2 Glasses w/coasters





Overall Smell/Odor

Overall Presentation of Room (Crispness)

Note any issues with room

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.