One purpose of the short service employee program is:

Who does the SSE program apply to?

An employee that has 25 years of experience at a different company was just hired at Bertucci, is he an SSE? Why or why not?

Who must monitor employees for HSE compliance?

Name 3 responsibilities of a mentor:

Who has to ensure SSEs where their SSE stickers until they complete the program?

What color are the SSE stickers?

Can other stickers be worn on an SSE’s hard hat?

What must happen before an SSE can work alone?

How long does the monitoring period last?

How often does an evaluation need to be performed an an SSE?

Can evaluation forms include comments on areas that need more work or improvement?

How many SSEs can be in a crew?

What form will tell you what training the SSE has already recieved?

How many SSEs can a mentor be assigned?

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