Hospital contacts:

Main hospital contact:

Building contractor:

Electrical contractor:

IT administrator

Radiation protection advisor

Accepting Physicist:

Pre-installation notifications

Has the hospital administration been notified of the proposed date of equipment delivery?


Has insurance cover been arranged for the delivery of the equipment?

Have the authorities been informed where public are may be used for delivery?

Any comments or considerations?

Access to the site/ off-loading area

Is the off-loading area clear and clean?

Has provision been made to prevent dust and debris getting in to the hospital and to the equipment?

Will it be clear on the date of the delivery?

What is the dimension the off-loading area?

Is the off-loading area flat and the same height as the entrance of hospital building?

Will arrangements be made for a shallow gradient ramp or leveled area to allow easier access of equipment?

What is being used to off-load the equipment?

Does the above have a SWL of 5 tones?

Is a lockable area available for the storage of the delivered equipment and tools?

Have arrangements been made for an installation rigging crew to be available for delivery?

Have they experience of moving heavy equipment?

How many people?

Is an interpreter available during the rigging process to enable communication of site?

Contact information:

Is the hospital a new building?

Has all building work been finished?

Are there any building workers in the area up to, or inside, the treatment room or control area?

Are any hospital staff working on access route?

Have arrangements been made for the area to be clear on the day of delivery and following day?

Has provision been made for disposing of, or recycling, all packages and crates?

Any comments or considerations:

Access to the treatment room

Can the floor withstand a point of load of 600kg?

Is the minimum clear height on the access route to the treatment room higher than 2015mm?

Have arrangements been made for this to be altered?

Is the minimum clear width on the access route to the treatment room wider than 970mm?

Have arrangements been made for this to be altered?

Are there any corners below the recommended dimensions in the planning guide?

Have arrangements been made for this to be altered?

It is necessary to remove any door frames?

Have arrangements been made for this to be altered?

Do any floor ducts requires protection?

Have arrangements been made for this to be altered?

Any gradients on the route to, or inside, the treatment room?

Comment about:

Has the access route cleared of debris and swept clean?

Treatment Room

Is the concrete slab a minimum of 220mm thick?

Is the concrete slab clear of screed?

Has a concrete core sample been tested?

Has a copy of the test certificate been supplied?

What is the value of compression test?

Has the treatment room been cleared of debris and swept clean?

Has the pit of Precise Table constructed?

Is the pit clear of screed?

Is the pit internal width of 1400mm?

Is the pit internal length of > 3175mm?

Is the pit height of 315mm?

Is there a floor channel near the back of the technical room for cabling distribution?

Are the steel angle frame that surround the Precise Table pit 50x50x6 mm anchored in to the concrete?

Has the final floor been laid?

Then the concrete must to be sealed to decrease dust. Has this been done?

Have arrangement been made to protect the floor during delivery?

Have the wall coverings been added?

Have the room fittings been completed?

Have the laser cavities protective boxes been constructed?

Have steel plates for mounting the lasers been fitted?

Have the CCTV infrastructure been made for installation?

Is the ceiling finished?

If the ceiling mounted I-section guider is being used, have the ceiling tiles been removed to give clear access to the guider?

Is the treatment room fascia constructed?

Is the height of the opening > 2700mm?

Is the width od the opening > 2800mm?

What is the lifting facilities are available?

I-section guider attached to the ceiling?

Has a space been left in the Fascia partition to allow the travelling hoist on the I-section guider?

In the long axis of the guider parallel and vertically above the front/rear axis (G-T axis) of the floor cavity?

Is the distance between the floor level and the highest point to which the hook can be raised minimum 2400mm?

Is the maximum SWL can support 3 tones?

Is a copy of the SWL available?

Fascia should be built after installation, is that planned?

Are the cable ducts finished?

Are they cleaned of debris?

Does the ducts meets the requirements of planning guide?

Is the duct between treatment and control area dry? No water is allowed.

Are pull strings installed in the duct/channel between treatment and control area?

Is the Three-phase mains isolator in position?

Is the three-phase electrical supply free of transitory interference?

Phase 01:

Phase 02:

Phase 03:

Single Phase:

Has a three-phase cable been supplied from the mains isolator to the proposed position of the voltage stabilizer?

Is there a voltage stabilizer presented, installed and calibrated by the manufacture?

Has a three-phase cable been supplied from the voltage stabilizer to the position of interface cabinet?

Will treatment room monitors be mounted such that the bottom edge of the TRM is more than 1800mm of height from the finished floor?

Is the treatment monitor supports available?

Is the HRC in position?

Is the main door interlock connected to the HRC?

Are the secondary doors interlocks connected to the HRC?

Are the lasers connected to the HRC?

Are the room lights connected to the HRC?

Is the warning light connected to the HRC?

Is the water chiller remote start control connected to the HRC?

Is the emergency buttons connected to the HRC?

Are all of the connections in the HRC correctly labeled?

Is the air conditioning function and tested?

State the humidity of the air inside of the treatment room:

State the temperature of the air inside of the treatment room:

Is a fire detector system installed in the treatment room?

Are there hose pipes to bring the chilled water to the machine?

Do the pipe have fittings for connecting the flexible hose?

Is the chiller machine functional and calibrated?

Control area

Is the control desk in position and finished?

Have suitable cable passages been cut in the control desks?

Are the cable ducts finished?

Are the cables cleaned and clear?

Are chairs available on site?

Are cable ducts laid in to the concrete?

Are the floor cover fit correctly?

Do the cable ducts meets the requirements of the planning guide?

Are all removable panels below the control desk accessible?

Are the single-phase sockets fitted?

Is single-phase socket powered supplied?

Has the final floor finish been laid?

If the final floor finish is not laid, then the concrete floor must be sealed to decrease dust, has this been done?

Has the control area been cleared of debris and swept clean?

Is the air conditioning functional?

Is the final light fitted?

Is the final lighting operational?

Is position of the MCC and FEC clear of obstruction?

Any comments or considerations:

Chilled water supply

Is a standalone chiller available on site?

Is the chiller functional and calibrated by the third suppliers manufacture?

State the water supply temperature:

State the water supply pressure:

State the water return pressure:

State the water supply flow rate:

Are manual stop valves in position?

Are there hose-pipes to bring chilled water to the equipment area?

Do the pipes have fittings for connecting the flexible hose?

Any comments or considerations:

Installation requirements

Has the radiation plan been approved by the locally nuclear agency?

Has the main door installed as the physicist specification guidelines?

Is a cylinder of 99.9% SF6 available?

State any political issues or problems to be avoided.

State any special communication arrangements with regard to the ordering and delivery of service parts from Elekta to the hospital during the installation.

Is the site approved to start the installation?

signed-off by:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.